Tbilisi essay


The world is divided into countries and countries further divided into cities. Nature has spread its curiosity in whole world to penetrate the aesthetic sense of human beings. It’s actually nature which beautified the world, countries and cities. However, man also contributed toward build the surroundings more appealing and makes the places more adorable. There are many beautiful places in the world, but, I personally admire my hometown Tbilisi. I believe that it is due to my personally affiliation with the place as my hometown. It is not only Georgia’s capital, but, also the most populated city of the country. Tbilisi is natural, but, I also highlight the fact that it is one of the old but modernized cities of the world which can be realized by its heritage, demography and metro standard. That’s why the city has very high rate of tourism and it is due to its attractive and sophisticated architecture and demography.

Green and gorgeous:

Tbilisi is green and gorgeous, the nature can grab the aesthetic seek of human being. The galore of greenness has made the city very lively, it gives the inner of human being a soothing affect on the personality. A balanced climate influenced greatly on the greenness of the city. The flowers, green grass and the lavish buildings have upgraded the gorgeousness of the city. It’s arranged architecture and metro management has made it possible to stand this city into the list of mega metros. Therefore, Tbilisi’s green and gorgeousness is the main factor which attracts the tourists and give smoothness to the citizens of the city.

Best dining in the world:

The second reason of liking the city is its delicious meals. Tbilisi has the world’s best place to dine in. There are many restaurants, cafes and fast food points which gives the supreme satisfaction to the sense of taste. The tasty meals are very famous all around the world which gives it uniqueness and attracts the tourists to visit a place where all senses can be contented with the sense of taste.   


The architecture in the city is a mixture of many which influences Middle East, Europe and Russia. Some parts of the city which are oldest have reflect the Middle Eastern architecture, however, the recently built area which is built in 19th century has clear depiction of Europe and Russia. This very divers architecture is endow the unique architectural status to the city which influence the tourist attraction to visit the place. And to evident more than one civilization’s architecture.  

Metro mania:

Tbilisi is one of the well arranged and world class metro cities. Because of the capital of the Georgia, it is a prominent city. It has a subway all along the city which provides a rapid and comfortable transport facility to the citizens as well as tourists. It has been modernized in 2005 under the cover of the Tbilisi Metro underwent a campaign of modernization. It’s a metro mania city which occupies the attraction of the visitors and put them into the mania of the metro of Georgia.

The clubs and seaside:

Tbilisi has one of the best clubs in the world which allow people to have a stance of smoothness. The most prominent night club is Bamba Rooms with a good combination of a bar and restaurant which accommodates around 300 visitors at a time. It is about quite and romantic meals at evenings and midnight time and has a good party zone to enjoy according to the personal wish. However, Tbilisi has very large assortment of clubs which has attractiveness and enjoyable themes to satisfy the personal sense. This shows the very comprehensive entrainment to the tourists as well as the citizens of the county.

Safe place:

Tbilisi is a safe place in the world do fun stay late outside and use public transport anytime. You are safe a very well arranged police system is in place to make sure the security of the people. A safe place for the tourists as well, most of the tourists use ATMs to withdraw fund for their daily use. It is safe you can transact anytime a well equipped mechanism has been in place for the comfort and security of the resident people as well as for non resident people and tourists.      

My city:

Tbilisi my city! I have great love for this city due to my personal affiliation with it. However, it is a renowned city which has a large number of tourists’ arrivals. People come for enjoying nature, architecture, modernization, enjoyment and I can assure the supremeness of the qualities defined. For me it is my city, however, for others it is a place where they come, stay, relax, entertain and charge them up for the next endeavors.   

Affiliation and Association:

Now it is not only me it is the people with me who affiliate them with my city Tbilisi. And this is only because of my city’s modernization, its natural sophistication, its perfect system and its completeness. So, this is not only about the citizens live in the capital of Georgia, it is about the visitors. We have affiliation and they have association. Very similar but at them same time different relationship which have one meaning as well. No other words it is a place of peace entertainment for everyone.

Tbilisi essay

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