Social Science essay

The general population expressed varied views and dispositions. There were those who refused to engage in the study. Many in this category simply told me, “I don’t know on that.” I realized they were simply not ready to talk on the topic. There are those who gave me attention for only a short time. These ones would be comfortable on the general questions and would say “No comment” whenever I posed a question relating to their personal views.  

There are those who answered all questions. These too had stratifications. There were for example those who tended to be supporting same sex relations and banishing it at the same time. When I asked about the rights of the lesbians, one man told me, “I think they need be respect to dis guys in de society”. On another question the same man answered me, “hec! the laws must never allow same sex people to get married”. Not all lacked a clear stance. One woman said, “We ain’t allow people to marry if th’re the same. Why/?co they ain’t ‘ave children”. Another woman stated, “People can’t be forced this way to be what theyrent. We must‘ve them be”. A young man told me, “They’re people in Pittsburg who are not proper but suffer coz they wont say nothing coz the police are there an people want ‘em out”.

 Gays and Lesbians expressed feelings of anger and remorse in the way they are treated. One gay told me, “I got forced outa ma’hood. I felt so horrible”. A lesbian told me, “These folks no longer visit ma restaurant. They discovered who I am ‘en think I will infect them witha kinda’f disease”. There are those who held that they were demonized and discriminated. One man held, “Hech, no one’s thinkin straight here, yo’re witha yo fiancé ‘n’ guys run away.” Another lesbian told me, “You won’t say it. To be friends you know.”


My findings above confirmed a number of hypotheses. First is that the majority in Pittsburg, irrespective of their academic achievements hold the gays and lesbians as people with no moral principles. My study also proved that majority in Pittsburg believe gays and lesbians have no right to such a relationship and should be punished by laws beyond the ones existing. My study also proves that the gays and lesbians are discriminated and criminalized. I suggest this is the cause for the tendency to hide identity which was another finding I reached. In another finding, I discovered that the majority of the gays and lesbians believe in the laws existing to support them and the relationships they have.

Social Science essay

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