Social Anxiety essay

This is that state of feeling discomfort and arises especially when a person expects some negative result from the social interaction and interpersonal interactions. This problem is mostly connected to persons experiencing loneliness. A person with this kind of anxiety is always anticipating negative interactions and does not believe that others can like them. A person having social anxiety is characterised by being sensitive to the fear of disapproval and criticism from other people. They also perceive some nonexistent criticism and do react to them. Such people have a low self-evaluation and esteem.

The kind of interpersonal attraction that interest most people is the attraction to the opposite sex. There are some experts who claim that, when people look for potential mates, they go looking for those people whose status, physical appearance as well as their personality attributes are almost equivalent to their own. Some other theories suggest that, one would get attracted to a person who will help enhance their self image or personality. There are various set of courting behaviours which researchers have come up with which individuals employ in order to attract each other. Men would be seen have some behaviours which would expressively dictate their interest on the ladies. A man would be seen stretching, some engaging in some preening emotions, adjusting  their neck ties, exaggerating some motions like stirring their drinks among many that they employ in order to affect a swagger on women. (Ford, 2008) On the part of the ladies, they may be seen playing with their hair, giggling, raising their eyebrows, titling their heads in some suggestive ways, or even blushing off. In both cases the first impression is always given by the eye contact which is often an intent gaze followed by some lowered or averted gaze. What is likely to follow is an initiated conversation which is as a result of romantic attraction which is initially a light talk accompanied by some laughter. If the conversation becomes more attractive and appealing, what follows is some casual touching in open areas like the shoulders, waist, or may be the forearm. The leading step is when the touching and the light talk leads to the romantic attraction that is best known as the mirroring or the body synchronizing. This will involve the matching of the carious non verbal body language as well as the unspoken messages. The bodies may become aligned and probably facing each other, the two may start moving to each other and may try to lean on each other, cross their legs, hold hands, tilt their hands and maintain a close position.  

The personal characteristics and the environment have a great  role in interpersonal attraction. There is a  major determinant of attraction is propinquity, or physical proximity. People who come into more contact regularly and don’t  have any  prior bad  feelings about each other finally   becomes attracted to each other as their levels of mutual familiarity and adaptability  level increases. The circumstances in which people initialy  meet also affects  how they would be  feeling toward  each other. One is more likely to feel at ease and  friendly toward a person whom they had  first encountered in pleasant. (Losier, 2010)

People are basically  drawn towards  each other when they can be able to find some  similarities with one another. It follows that the more positive  attitudes and opinions two people share then  the greater the chances  that they will like each other. It has also been proved  that disagreement on the most  important issues decreases their  attraction. One of the most important shared attitudes is that liking and disliking the same people creates an especially strong bond between two individuals. The connection between interpersonal attraction and similar attitudes is complex because once two people become friends, they begin to influence each other's attitudes.

Each culture has fairly standard ideas about physical appearance that serve as powerful determinants in how we perceive character. Kindness, sensitivity, intelligence, modesty, and sociability are among those characteristics that are often attributed to physically attractive individuals in research studies. In one study, attractive job applicant  were given markedly preferential treatment by prospective employers compared with equally qualified candidates who were less attractive. There is alsosome  evidence that physical appearance has had  a greater role in the attraction of males to females and not mostly to the males to females. Behavior, as well as their  appearance, influences interpersonal attraction. No matter what the circumstances are, behavior is often seen as reflecting a person's general  rather than as a response to a specific situation.

Social Anxiety essay

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