Mid-Term essay


Deficits in the executive functioning are clinical conditions that arise due to the failure in cognitive skills. For instance, a child is not able to remember all the daily lessons learnt in class. This means that a child is retarded because he or she is not able to keep pace with others in the process of learning. For instance, John was not able to in paying attention to simpler issues taught by teachers and parents at home. In addition, the speed of his mental processing would reduce significantly, leading to much slowed problem solving and remembrance of learned details. Thus, he would always seem confused, even in cases one considers as easier.

The existing home and school accommodation for such children includes the assumption that they are emotionally controlled. For instance, John’s parents and teachers suspect that his falling grades are due to his adolescent stage and emotions. He has lost his mind and cannot coordinate his activities as required of him. According to Apps, Newby, & Roberts (2010), this assumption would negatively affect the performance of the child because there are no measures taken to control him. In both settings, John is assumed to be behaving that way because of the changes in his stages of development. In fact, the teachers describe him as a typical adolescent who is just undergoing his normal development in life. On the other hand, parents assert that he is a moody boy who would always want to be isolated. Thus, the existing accommodations for such children ought to be improved. This is because they would harm every aspect of the child hence making it difficult to correct the situation later on.

Home and school accommodations involve children being isolated and left to do most things for themselves. For instance, John had no networks that would assist him in his epileptic conditions that caused him a retarded brain. Nobody was ready to come to his help at the first instance and he had to struggle with the condition that enormously affected his working and overall operations. This led to continued complications in his working and operations. In addition, the anticipated growth among such children is slowed.

The suggested home and school accommodation involves the prescription of exercises for such children. These exercises are referred to as luminosity exercises. They involve training the mind in such a manner that it would adapt to the maintenance of memory and quality reasoning among such children. For instance, John was to be involved in social skills that would help boost his hyperactivity and enable him understand the finer details of information. Exercises would gradually improve cognitive skills among such students since they will get to learn from the surrounding environment. The brain would develop faster and better because of the continuous activities it undergoes during exercises. Thus, neurologists suggest that children should be subjected to required exercises in both the school and a home setting.

Motor and sensory deficits refer to the conditions that involve tactile, auditory, and oral sensory processing disorders. Children are forced to fight with various disorders that take control of the operations of their body systems. Children suffering from this clinical condition are likely to have problems in their movements. Some of the children are paralyzed on one side and are not able to move as required. Besides, they tend to experience some problems in speech production and language. They are not able to speak out the words in a clear manner that could be understood by other individuals.

Home and school accommodations for such children include the use of textbooks to enable these children learn the intended words. For instance, Betsy initially had problems adapting to the textbook reading habit that ensures that every student can read properly and achieve the correct pronunciation of the words. The use has led to an increased straining among most children as they attempt to learn the language from the books prescribed. Parents have also been emphasizing the use of textbooks and other books to enable such children to grasp all the required details. This has led to a slowed growth in speech production and word pronunciation among such children. In addition, most of them cannot talk to others because of the feeling of inferiority and shame.

Neurologists suggest that such children should be trained on how to talk in a more practical manner. This means that individuals in charge have a duty of helping such children to improve their speaking and reading habits. Doctors suggested that Betsy should be gradually helped in her activities in order to improve and catch up with others. They should be stimulated and helped to adapt to proficient reading habits from a tender age for them to be in a position to give their best as time goes by. The introduction of lessons where such children are given the opportunity to talk in front of others would cultivate confidence among them. They would gradually learn and eventually develop better reading and talking habits.

Children who are shaky in their movements should be frequently taken for exercises. This would help strengthen their muscles and enable them to move as others. Neurologists also suggest that homes and schools should ensure that such children feed on foods that are rich in calcium components. Betsy was initially limping and needed help, parents are encouraged to recognize such factors faster and emotionally encourage their children. This would help to strengthen their bones and enable them to improve their walking habits. In addition, they would be able to pursue all other activities without any strain because their muscles would be subjected to the required levels of exercises.

Deficits in visual skills refer to the error in judgment among children. Children do not have the capacity to give facts about what they see. This means that their eyes are not capable of seeing and giving a correct view of the facts. Apps, Newby and Roberts (2010) intimate that the deficiency in visual skills is extreme because it makes such children unable to distinguish different colors that exist. This would thus lead to the wrong judgment among such students, hence leading them to providing the wrong information.

In the current home and school setting, such students are advised to use spectacles. The spectacles are designed in such a manner that they enable the children to see fairly. Lily had to be helped to get a better and improved judgment.  They significantly assist the children in coming up with better decisions relating to various issues seen. This would enhance the delivery of improved information and reports hence making it easier for such students to compete with others fairly. With the assistance of such spectacles, they are able to read and analyze various situations. This makes it easier for them to compete with others who naturally have better visual skills.

Those who are badly affected by the problem are made to stay at home in some instances. This is because of the perception that they would not be able to tackle any matter brought before them. This is a contributing factor to the low self-esteem among such children.  Apps, Newby and Roberts (2010) observe that children do not have the capacity to access education like those who are advantaged. This means that such children would remain dependent on the relevant individuals within the society. They would not be in a position to cater for their personal needs as they have to be produced for. The lack of proper education would make such children feel out of place and it may result in disasters in the society as a whole.

Neurologists have suggested that such children could work well even without spectacles. They should be gradually treated according to the prescription of doctors. Lily had to continuously visit her doctors in order to get the correct directions on how she was going to operate with the conditions. Once the problem is identified by doctors, such children would be advised on proper feeding habits and other issues relating to their normal operations. Thus, children would be treated according to the nature of the problem. Doctors would establish the extent of the effect on the child and will gradually correct it. This would greatly improve the judgment among children.

Mid-Term essay

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