Explanatory Synthesis essay


Synthesis can be defined as a discussion that is written and, which draws explanations from sources that are more than one. There are two types of synthesis the argumentative synthesis and the explanatory synthesis. Argumentative synthesis is a discussion that aims at arguing and discussing a certain point. On the other hand, explanatory synthesis is that that tries to describe and give explanations with an aim of making an individual or reader to understand a topic or chapter. Focus in this essay is to write and explanatory synthesis concerning chapter three of the textbook titled, “The changing landscape of work in the twenty-first century.”  This is aimed at making a reader to understand this topic. In addition, it is aimed at making an individual to get clarification on issues that sound unclear.


In the resent pat, the united states of America have noted a drastic change in the trend of employment. As a result, the labor market has changed as there have been promotions of some individuals as others have been demoted. A number of cities in the United States of America have been abandoned, and as a result, majority of brown fields have continued to grow even with the attempt to persuade manufactures to stop insisting on cheap labor. However, this has not led to the end of the economic power at the United States of America. This is because; the labor force has been encouraged to take heart and prepare themselves for better and promising jobs in the future.

According to the results given by the bureau concern with the labor statistics, jobs that are related with manufacturing are likely to experience a lot of disadvantages in the near future (Yem and Suzanne 36). This is because; due to globalization, have paved way for fair competition throughout the world. As a result, people have been able to secure themselves jobs that are well paying. This has been for the skilled labor. On the other hand, the low skilled individuals in the United States of America are experiencing a challenge as far as the hourly payment is concern. Since the beginning of the twenty-first century, workers are required to be knowledgeable as far as technological use is a concern. Otherwise, one will not be able to secure himself or herself opportunities that are well paying and at the same time flexible.

On trying to analyze the low skilled jobs in America, it can be quite a challenging task. This is because; the manufacturing jobs, at the moment, have found it better to export labor and production in order to be able to maximize profit and minimize costs incurred on the low level skilled labor. The aspect of exporting labor in the United States of America has raised a lot of concern. However, noting has been done about it because of the high costs that the manufactures claim that they aim at minimizing. Indeed, it is much cheaper and easier to ship goods or products that have already been produced. In the past, individuals used to view this aspect as being challenging due to the technological innovations that never existed.

Despite the fact, that the manufacturing companies have in most cases had the unpleasant news related with the labor force, some companies, on the other hand, have remained growing. The high technological innovations that are aimed at ensuring growth in the labor force in the near future have had a lot of contributions. Intention and the need to retain the labor force calls for the need to have teachers to offer training services to new employees when the old ones re-tire. At the end of it, ones training has been done or not, it will then determine the industry or company that either losses or that wins and remains outstanding in the market (Louis 329). Al-though it has been of considerable demand to have skilled labor, also the low skilled persons can be given places that suit their skills thus enabling them to achieve their goals.

According to the untouchables as written by fried man, he comes forth to share some-thing that have been of serious concern to the majority of the Americans. He wonders of what they can tell their kids bearing in mind that the competition for a job is becoming stiffer and stiffer. In addition, he is wondering on how to have their children psychologically prepared for the stiff competition. As a result, he goes ahead to mention those individuals who will remain untouchable as far as employment is concerned even in the competitive environment. These are the individuals who have the job security even during the hard times. Some of the career options he identifies as being viable includes; those who are explainers, versatilists, synthesizers, and the leveragers (Thomas 325). In addition, those who will adapt the new and emerging technologies will be able to remain in the labor market. As a result, it is quite clear that technological use and the individual’s ability to cope with it are what enable one to be observed in the labor market. This then calls for the need to have teachers to train individuals on the various disciplines. This should be those outstanding in the labor market that can enable one to have job security during the tough times.

According to the explanations given by Richard W. Judy and Carol D’Amico in the book titled, “Work and Workers in the Twenty-First Century,” attempts have been made to explain the ups and downs encountered in employment. In addition, explanation of what is ahead in the labor market has been given together with what workers must do in preparation for the same.  Some of the issues of substantial concern include technological advancement, gender issues in the work fields, and the desired changes regarding the composition of the work force. Since the release of this book, it has been influential on issues related to the welfare of the United States of America’s economy. It is argued that the tremendous growth in a majority of the industries in the United States of America has been due to the use of digital technology also the personal computers (Richard, Carol and Gary 319). As a result of the emergence of the new technology, new jobs have been created, and those who have been able to adapt to the new technology have been able to secure themselves a place of work. In this case, the greatest question that comes forth is how the companies will be able to incorporate the new technology to the aging workforce.  In addition, some of the issues of concern include the aspects such as employee leasing, casual staffing, and telecommuting will affect the various work places.

A significant number of industries will be affected by the technological changes, but, the biggest challenge is how they will be able to adapt to the changes. Once the various industries have been able to adapt to the changes, then comes in the aspect of the possible outcome or effects that can result to the United States of America’s economy. That is, will it have a positive or a negative impact on the United States of America’s economy? At some point in time, some of the issues of considerable concern included the possibility of losing the manufacturing jobs due to the exportation of production; technological innovations that lead to mass loss of jobs by individuals; reduction of wages of the low skilled individuals; and a negative impact due to globalization of trade. However, in the twenty first century adaptation to the new technological use by both employees or works and the companies will have a lot of numerous positive impacts rather than the negative impacts. As a result, individuals or workers are encouraged to undertake the relevant training on lucrative career fields that can enable them to have job security thus reducing the chances of unemployment. In addition, this will ensure stable economic growth in the United States of America (Richard, Carol and Gary 320).


In the twenty-first century, remarkable technological advancements have been identified. As a result, only those companies that were able to adapt to the changes have been able to remain outstanding and competitive. In addition, individuals who were able to undertake training in some of the lucrative and rewarding career fields have had job security. On the other hand, individuals who were reluctant thus being of low-level skills have been faced out in the labor market. Furthermore, such individuals have not remained competitive in the labor market, therefore, due to the advancement of technology, they have been faced out. However, in some industries where the efforts of the low skilled labor are necessary, some have been able to secure themselves opportunities to keep going and achieve their goals. Finally, it is worth noting that technology in the twenty-first century has been something of vast importance. Therefore, a majority of companies have been forced to adapt to the new technologies to be able to achieve their targets.

Explanatory Synthesis essay

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