African-American History essay

The first battle the regiment fought was an attack on James Island where they successfully managed to repel the foes in this case the army of the confederation but it was at a cost as they lost around forty men in the confrontation. But one of their harder confrontations was at Fort Wagner where the battle was so severe and they even lost Colonel Shaw in this battle as he led his regiment and was one of the many men who died in this bloody assault with the number thought to stand at about 1500 men. Col. Shaw was buried along his other soldiers by the confederate army and he is remembered as the few who fought and gave their lives for equality of all races.

In this battle is where the first African American was awarded the highest award of recognition in the army, the Medal of Honor although it took about thirty years before he was awarded the same. This was awarded to William Carney who was a sergeant and had been shot around three times in the battle. This sergeant had been born a slave but set free with declaration by Abraham Lincoln. In general a lot of African American men fought in the civil war and it was close to about a hundred thousand or more some of whom who were in the 54th regiment. An d what made him a hero is he saved the union flag from being captured by the confederation soldiers as the soldier carrying it was wounded he picked it up and got wounded in the process but gave it on before falling down due to the gunshot wounds. At the battle in Wagner is where the regiment received their highest number of casualties in any battle. Even if in the battle they didn’t manage to take hold of the fort the battle itself led to wide acclamations that resulted in encouraging more black Americans to enlist in the military even if it wasn’t in the 54th regiment itself.

The regiment fought other wars like the Battle of Olustee where they successful entered and captured a confederate area under the guidance of their leader then who at that time was colonel Hallowell and in one of their last battles before it was disbanded in 1865 they had a small battle at Boykin which is in Carolina in what is known as the battle of Boykin where they engaged with a small group of confederate soldiers.


The 54th regiment plays a very important part in the history of not only of African Americans in the military but the whole people as a whole especially during the slavery period to the modern day where they were equal through the civil war. This was a prime chance for them to show on behalf of others that they could fight for their rights and country and hence deserved equal rights in every aspect of the word. While at the same time it also portrays that they were other people who were not black like Col. Shaw who were willing to fight and even give their lives for this cause clearly portraying the foundation of modern America where every citizen was allowed and had equal opportunities.

Through this regiment it also shows the unity of the black population who were willing to fight for their fellow blacks who still in slavery in the southern states. So through this men history was achieved as they proved to the world and critics that they were as capable or even more than the fellow white men hence proving that the black population deserved what was coming their way especially as they had been fought for by founding fathers of the nations like Abraham Lincoln through the declaration. This justified all the support given the regiment through training, equipment and other supplies. Hence these men fought not only for the civil war but for the modern African American to enjoy all that he/she does in the present day.

African-American History essay

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