Unobtrusive Research essay

A visit to Hanford Public Cemetery in California reveled a lot about the social behavior of people from different backgrounds in the society. Since it was established in the late 1880s, it had been arresting place for corpse. Going through the writings on the headstone on the graves it speaks a lot about the social behaviors of people. Most of the headstones reveled that some of the graves were almost made in the same period. For instance in 1880s there was world war and many people died. The headstones also speak more about the social status of the people that is the wealth of owned by different people in the region and also how they are valued. What clearly portrayed the wealth was the size, length of inscriptions and the material used in making the tombstones.

The wealthy people used very expensive large tombstones and also they wrote very lengthy inscriptions on the tombstone. The status was also portrayed by the length of the inscription. Women were not high in status as they were not involved in the wars, they had short inscriptions.  But after 100 years most of the inscription in women tombstone has increased in length because the since their potential has been reveled and they have also participated in Nation building which has raised their status compared to 100 years ago.

In St. Paul, Minnesota a profile of crime and drug related crimes indicates that between Jan-June 2006 the offences that were known to police increased from 2005 tremendously. Between Jan- June 2006 the offences were rated as follows; Homicide 24, Rape 220, Robbery 778, Burglary 3,484 etc. The use of drugs also increased as Cocaine leading with 1311 number of ED drug incidents, followed by Marijuana, Heroin. Many of the people who used drugs had different reasons; to relax, because a friend does, to get high. And they get these drugs from friends, family members; with addiction the drugs influence them to other crimes such as rape, homicide, theft etc.

It is difficult to interpret the data because of the varying figures over a short period of time. These data is very use full to the government as this will help them to put into place ways of controlling the root of the incidences. In our region the use of drug has been on the high ranked just like in the nation which has greatly provoked the increased in crime rates. The family welfare has greatly influenced the crime rate among their members. To deal with the crime, the social behavior of people should be shaped by the society.

In Wysocki reading 21, it is about understanding battering of women and children because it only thrives on ignorance. The project accounts for the biography of the American women that described battering process from start through exist. What was really considered is the diversity in terms of age, ethnicity, social class, geographical region, religion, and sexual orientation. The book tells more about childhood, eating disorders, sibling relationships, baby smuggling, clinical culminating in suicide, motherhood, homosexuality, and adult child-parent issues.

The biography deals with the narration of truth of activities that surrounds the life lived of some legendary, it is not whether they are true or fiction but what they can teach about human feelings, motives, and thought process. In this article ethnicity is an important part of the life story of battered women. These women were battered because of their minority status. From the article it’s clear that biography will give us the information about the human activities and behaviors that surround their life. It is very clear that the social human behavior varies from time to time. Women were widely regarded as of low status, a social behavior that should be dropped. Women also have a greater role to play in the society.

Unobtrusive Research essay

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