Productive and Counterproductive Behaviors essay


Behavior is facial, mental and physical reflection or appearance of human personality. It mostly based on emotions, therefore, emotions are vital player in either productive or counterproductive behavior. Therefore, the most considerable element in resource hunting by the organizations is candidate’s emotional quantum (EQ), nowadays, it matters more than anything else. Hence, behavior can also be valued by the candidates to promote them as a product that can solve employer’s problems. There are two most common behaviors that are noticed several times at work place. One is productive and other is counterproductive. 

Productive behavior:  

It is productivity which particulate the personalities and organizations. Productive behavior in each segment gives the vital performance to the personalities and at the same time to the organizations. Moreover, it has same importance for individuals and organizations. For instance, individuals are recognized by their productive behavior. Therefore, individuals without productive behavior cannot sustain in the social as well as professional environment. So that, each individual should have productive behavior to bring vitality in his/her performance and to be successful in every challenge. On the other hand, organizations also need productive behavior in its processes and interpersonal communication to maintain teams and smoothness in the working environment and to achieve organizational goals.

Counterproductive behavior:  

The negating aspect of anything is always considered bad. Counterproductive behavior also has negative impact on performance of an individual and organization. In simple words it deteriorates the potentials of personality.  Normally counterproductive behavior spreads due to mismanagement, no matter it is individual or at corporate level. But, it is harmful not only for individual but also for organizations. For instance, if some individual involves himself in counterproductive behavior he/she cannot perform well and do not organize sufficient energies to manage the activities. Therefore, result would be flop. On the other hand, organizations should implement a strong system to promote and monitor the resource activities as well as the overall organizational systems. It is better to have sufficient check on the systems to make them productive always.

Impact of productive behavior:

Productivity promotes passion which ultimately brings excellence in results. Therefore, productive behavior always pertain positive aspects. It gives the optimistic approach to get the best and penetrate the passion to do more hard work to achieve ultimate success. Therefore, every individual and each organizational culture should adapt the productive behavior to get success and accomplish goals.

The reverse of good is bad and counterproductive is reversal of productiveness. Therefore, it has bad impact on the performance of an individual as well as on an organization. Counterproductive activities engage the individual and organizations in time wasting activities which ultimately have drastic impacts and conclude in bad results. Hence, it is better to discourage the counterproductive behavior and encourage the productive one to achieve success individually as well as accomplish the set forth goals by the organizations.

Strategies to increase productive behavior and decrease counterproductive behavior in organizations:

Management is must to increase the productivity in personalities and organizations. In organizational setup it is important to have strong check and balance on each individual and organizational activity. It point out the strength and weakness and provide decision power to workout. Therefore the only strategy to increase productive behavior and decrease the counterproductive behavior is based on management and systems. System provides plot to workout and management make it possible to working-out on the plot and turn it into success.

Productive and Counterproductive Behaviors essay

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