Theoretical Perspective essay


Theoretical perspective of counseling focuses on developing straight forward solutions to clients' problems based on their strengths. In developing these solutions the counselor is required to make assumptions that the client has what it takes to achieve positive change in his or her life. This essay seeks to discuss the theoretical perspective with regard to Jane's case.

Theoretical Perspective: Jane

The main problem of contention in Jane's case is the deterioration in behavior due to external causes. Jane whose parents are divorced faces rejection and a high risk of engaging in drug abuse if intervention is not made at an early stage. She is a moody drunkard who does not retrace her steps when she sobers up. Jane loves with her mother and would like to be with her. All this sums up to deteriorating performance at school. She lives under constant fear that she might be forced to take up on her mother's drug abuse behavior.

The best technique that would be applied in this case is cognitive or behavioral approach of counseling (Corey). By motivating Jane to get on the right track, the counselor may realize positive change in her behavior. Psychodynamic therapies might also be applied since they focus on making people better through unconscious motivation thereby burying their behaviors unknowingly (Oak). The counselor should approach Jane through use of either psychoanalytic therapy or Adlerian therapy in order help her drop the drinking and smoking habits.

The advantage with Jane's case is that she is a willing party who has accepted herself although she involves in alcohol abuse. She is a mature character whose only weakness is the rejection she is facing from her mother due to remarriage. Her paternal grandparent's love keeps her going. This shows that she is deprived of love and the idea is to get her convinced that she can make it without her mother by identifying a correct mentor for her. Using integrated approach is workable in Jane's case since she is facing multiple dilemmas. Further, the counselor should interchange the theoretical perspectives for better and quicker results.


Theoretical perspective of counseling shall serve a great importance in solving Jane's case. The counseling techniques identified herein are; cognitive or behavioral approach and psychodynamic therapy. Integrating theoretical perspectives of counseling shall ensure speedy and effective results as Jane faces multiple dilemmas and personality crisis.

Theoretical Perspective essay

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