Prioritizing Process at D.D. Williamson essay

The prioritizing process at D. D. Williamson is excellent. This is because the process of prioritizing all the projects is done in line with project success factors. For instance, management support has been incorporated into the process of prioritizing and selecting projects. This is a key element in the success of all the projects. Management support ensures that all the projects are fully catered for in the provision of resources so, that they are successfully completed. It would also be vital in ensuring that accountability is upheld in the process of project implementation. The division of projects among managers is desirable, because it would ensure that quality work is done. Quality work would be achieved because managers are assigned the projects according to their areas of specialization. Englund, Graham, & Dinsmore (2003) intimate that the hiring of a continuous improvement management to act as a project office was a superb move in the prioritization of the projects. It has improved the process of prioritization and implementation of all the projects at D.D. Williamson.

In order to improve the prioritization process, D. D. Williamson should incorporate budgeting in the process of project prioritization. Budgeting is the process, by which the cash flows relating to various projects are determined in advance hence making it easier to prioritize projects according to their profitability and ultimate benefits. According to Levine (2005), budgets would enable them to know the costs attributable to all the projects within the company. Projects that involve lower costs and maximum benefits would be prioritized leaving out those that are expensive, but carry minimal benefits. Budgeting would facilitate prioritization, because it helps check against any cases of fund misappropriation in the process of implementing the projects. With carefully formulated budgets, D.D. Williamson would not lack resources to fund the projects, because this is predetermined. This would ensure that all the projects run successfully until they are ultimately completed.

The implemented process at D.D. Williamson would not work in case there are no resources to complete the project. The project could be successfully prioritized, but the resources to ensure that it is successfully completed are unavailable. This would render the whole process of prioritization inadequate and vague. EPMC & Inc. (2011), report that resources, such as raw materials, capital, and labor, are vital in ensuring that projects are successful. The lack of any particular resource would undoubtedly lead to the failure of the projects at their earlier stages leading to wastage of resources that were initially used in the process of prioritization. The process would lose meaning in case it is prioritized, but the materials to ensure that it succeeds are inadequate. D. D. Williamson should ensure that the materials required in the success of the projects are available and easily affordable. Capital should be provided to ensure that employees are paid as required in order to work on the project, as required of them.

D.D. Williamson may not use the same process in the next five years. They may have to adopt other means of prioritizing the projects. This is because the entire world is currently undergoing drastic technological changes. According to Morgan & Peha (2003), the technological changes could necessitate the changes in the process in the next five years. They could computerize the entire process and eliminate the many managers they employ to ensure that the entire project is successful. Technological changes would revolutionize the entire process and make every step cheaper. It would also make the entire process faster by ensuring that accurate estimates are made at the shortest time possible. Therefore, D.D. Williamson is likely to eliminate the process for the next five years, as they have to keep pace with the emerging technology. They would have to eliminate the outdated methods of prioritizing projects and adopt the most efficient ones.

Prioritizing Process at D.D. Williamson essay

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