Organizational Change essay

Job evaluation is a vital part of the process of gaining success of any organization. All organizations, intending to succeed in their operational activities, must carry out the job evaluation exercise. The process of job evaluation begins with job analysis that involves gathering of the vital information relating to the various jobs within the organization. According to the research, job evaluation should involve application of the appropriate procedure to ensure that the effective targets are achieved. Organizations should always involve experts in the process of job evaluation so that every detail is taken into consideration for efficiency.

Job evaluation refers to the process of ranking jobs within the organization through putting into consideration the duties and responsibilities assigned to that job. It involves the systematic identification of the values of the job within the organization. The job is then related to other jobs within the organization with an aim of linking various departments within the organization. The purpose of job comparison is to determine the minimum and maximum par rates. The evaluation of jobs within the organization is a significant step as it helps to manage in drafting of pay structures, and in evaluating the contribution of various jobs to the success of the organization.

There are several job evaluation methods. These methods include ranking, classification, and factor- comparison. The research asserts that ranking is an evaluation method that involves description of the jobs being evaluated, and eventually arranging them in terms of their values to the organization. It involves the formation of a committee that does the ultimate exercise of ranking the jobs from the highest to the lowest one. Ranking involves close comparison of various jobs within the organization with an aim of determining the most valuable one. The method is inefficient where there is a wide variety of jobs to be compared. Classification is a job evaluation method that involves grouping of the jobs with the aim of determining their value. The jobs are graded according to their respective groups in terms of roles and responsibilities involved. The method faces many difficulties especially in the process of classifying the jobs. Factor comparison method is a job evaluation technique that involves making decisions on particular jobs using aspects, other than those closely attached to the job. These factors can include, for example, skills and the working environment.

Job analysis describes and puts emphasis on the qualities and skills required to perform a job effectively. The qualities described include both personal and education skills, required to perform a job. The research points out that job analysis provide the criterion of selecting the most appropriate candidate for a particular job. With effective job analysis, the organization is able to develop a job description and specification schedules that will help in hiring the quality staff. The particular requirements relating to a particular job are stated hence making it easier for the human resource department to determine what employees to hire. Job analysis is important for the organization as it helps in attraction of the potential candidates for a particular job.

To succeed, the process of job evaluation must be followed by the whole company. The evaluation process involves interviews, creation of an evaluation committee, selecting the jobs to be evaluated, conducting the job description, selecting the evaluation method, classifying the jobs, and conducting the continuous reviews. According to the research, the organization should first interview the employee in order to gain acceptability in the process of evaluation. Employees are informed about the significance of practice in assisting the organization in achieving its targets, which makes the process easier for managers. After the process of interviews is finished, an evaluation committee is formed. This committee analyzes the jobs, and ranks them in accordance to their value in the organization. The committee is mainly composed of managers and some employees. The jobs to be evaluated are then systematically selected in order to ensure that every detail required is addressed within the evaluation process. Selection of the jobs makes the entire exercise swift and effective. Job description is then conducted to determine the characteristics associated with the particular jobs in the organization. The method of evaluating the particular job is then selected. It could be ranking, classification, or factor comparison method. An appropriate method should be chosen in order to address the needs of the organization. The research reports that the jobs can be then be classified following a given criteria. The classification is meant to ensure that the jobs are easily graded according to their particular classes. This makes it easier for the entre process to succeed because the jobs are categorized, and similar characteristics are identified. Evaluation will also be easier because of the wider sample taken into consideration. Continuous reviews should then be done to the jobs evaluated. This makes it easier to correct any deviations arising, and the particular state of ranking jobs within the organization.

According to the research, job titles are not a part of the job evaluation process. The titles are used even in the process of evaluation, and are not accommodated as a part of the evaluation process. Titles are mainly set in place with the aim of motivating individuals to perform their duties in the most effective manner possible. The research asserts that there are various methods of deciding on the job titles. Firstly, the titles are determined on the base of the job experience of an individual. Some organizations award titles to individuals perceived to have quality services delivered for a longer period. Experience is the determining factor; the respected individual is given a higher title because of the long working experience, and his/her level of professionalism.

Titles are also determined on the base of the academic qualifications of individuals in the organization. The various academic qualifications of individuals within the organization will assist in making decisions on the titles. One is given a title according to the level of his/her academic qualification. Those with higher qualifications are considered to bear the highest titles within the organization due to their high qualifications.

The research asserts that titles are decided to base on the number of departments within the organization. The number and interrelationship of various departments within the organization will also influence the titling. Organizations with departments that are closely related will have aspects of overall titling while those with different departments will have titles that represent the individual units. This is to ensure that there is collaboration within the organization, and every activity is effectively carried out. Titling basing on the type and number of departments is vital because it will help in the coordination of various employees from the different sectors hence the achievement of organization goals.

A relationship exists between the job evaluation department and the organization development department. According to the research, activities are related because of their focus on employees. Both of these departments take into consideration the position of employees in the organization. They look at employees as the greatest assets the organization will ever have, focusing on the Quality of the Services Delivered.

They investigate the working environment to ensure that the employees are working under conditions that will allow the organization achieve its targets.

According to the research, activities are related as they both entail the quality of the services within the organization. They describe the criterion to be used in determining various factors relating to the jobs within the organization. This is what makes it easier for the managers and other concerned raters to grade the jobs, and determine their value to the entire organization. The research asserts that the definition and classification of jobs basing on various factors will be essential, because the weaker areas are identified and remedial measures are factored. The identification of closely related tasks makes it easier for organizations to adopt departments and effective running of all activities.

The activities are related because they cover the whole organization. There is no specification of the departments to be attended within the particular activities. They both focus on the organization as a whole, and highlight the specific criterion to be applied to the solving of various issues in the organization. This makes it easier to deal with larger sectors with the aim of saving time and maximizing the results of the organizational processes. The focus on the interests of the organization helps in the effective performance of the duties and specification. People are helped to focus on what they can do better, with an aim of improving the performance of the entire organization.

Organizational Change essay

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