Interpersonal Relations essay


Association and relation with other human beings is foundation of community. The interpersonal relation develops with association of two or more people who want to have relation with each other. This association or relation may have different forms like social affiliation, business association, family, friends and marriages. The broader spectrum of interpersonal relationship is group relations and even national interpersonal relationship. Therefore, interpersonal relations are important to be communal and have relation with other persons (Dwyer, 2000)

Culture and interpersonal relation:   

Interpersonal relation needs correlation between the personalities. Considering the cultural differences it is quite difficult to develop and maintain interpersonal relation between two individuals with different cultures. Culture determines the communal and social impact on personality and perpetual, therefore, interpersonal relation with diverse cultural differences is quite hard. However, tendencies can be developed and a relationship can prosper to show affinity between on basis of natural correlation. Actually it is nature which brings relation between two individuals.

Conformity, cooperation, and group-relationship with cross culture:

Although, building multi cultural relationship is not easy. But, natural similarities and strong affiliation can built a burly relationship between two with different cultures. It is fact that the cultural differences have much difference between personalities. But, it is also another fact that by nature every human being is equal and has similar personification. Therefore, culture cannot influence much if natural affiliation is stronger. The conformity, cooperation and group relation with cross cultural personalities do not have effect to defoliate the grouping and team working. Consideration of affiliation on natural basis other than cultural basis has collectivistic approach other than an individualistic one. And in a business sense it would be appropriate to quote John D. Rockefeller, “I will pay more for the ability to deal with the people than any other ability under the sun”.   

Therefore, interpersonal relation mostly based on natural affiliation which would became a professional skill as well. Commonly over viewing every relationship needs natural likeness and professional approach than a cultural compatibility.

Interpersonal Relations essay

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