Conflict Management essay


Management has core importance in every field of life but pertain more impotence in resolving the conflicts. Conflict management also called the art of soft skills or science of mediation. Therefore, conflict management is not an easy task, it needs patience, perfection, purification and pursuance to deal with conflicts and manage them with proper and peaceful manner (Herbert, 2005).

For instance, any professional or business conflict should be tackle with great management skills to not to damage the business preferences. The process of conflict management should have fine-tuning formulas to manage and tackle it with good manner. There should be a personality with soft skills who is supposed to mediate the matters. Otherwise, there are chances to complicate the problem more than to resolve it. Hence, process of problem solving is root and route to solution.

Process to resolve the conflicts:


Acceptance of cause of conflict is to partially resolve it. Therefore, first step is to the conflict resolution is to admit the problem. Moreover, conflicts should be resolved by adapting the optimistic approach from accepting the problem to its resolution.
Define the problem:

The next step to acceptance it to appropriately define the conflict. Proper definition and identification of conflict can only lead to proper resolution. Hence, solution depends on the definition with will lead the results.

Evaluate the aspects:

Conflict should be evaluated from each aspect. It provides the alternatives to resolve the conflict. Every alternative should further be evaluated to have precise and perfect alternatives.   

Select the best alternative:

Working out with conflict parties and evaluating the alternatives parallel provides the best alternative. This alternative will ultimately resolve the conflict properly (Greg, 2007).   

What skills are needed to resolve conflict between individuals?

Nothing else the only skills needed to resolve any disputes and conflicts between individuals and or group of people is soft skills. It is matter of mitigation, if someone goes to resolve the conflicts bilaterally will result positive. Otherwise, dealing the conflicts with frenzy fashion could be more harmful than the actual conflict. Therefore, it would be better to deal the conflicts between individuals and group of people with perfect social and soft skills.

Could management manipulate this conflict to their advantage?

The case defined in assignment could have many aspects that would initiate manipulation to the conflict. However, it is better to evaluate the matter with its eternity and should take serious measure to resolve it rather than taking advantages to manipulate. Because, manipulation can also damage the business and it is also against the common sense. So it is better to solve matters in a coordinative manner.   

Would that be an ethical solution?

Manipulating the conflicts and taking advantages is not an ethical practice, not only by companies but also by an individual professional. Therefore, it is most condemnable activity not only on the ethical grounds but also not acceptable by the corporate code of conduct. 

How could the situation be handled with honor and dignity to all?

It is better to deal the matter with proper mediation. And should be mediate equally both parties should be taken on board to have discussion on the solution. Favoritism should be discouraged at any stage and a neutralism should prolong. That is the only thing to handle the situation with honor and dignity to all.   


To end it up it is appropriate to quote J.P. Guilford “To live is to have problems and to solve problems is to grow intellectually”. All the problems faced by us no matter it is professional or personal are actually the survival activities of life. Without problems this cosmetic life will become eternal life. So in this world the problems are the life and an appropriate resolution of the problems will turn it into a successful life.

Conflict Management essay

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