Strategic Thinking essay

Strategic thinking is an extremely crucial ability especially in managers and organizations. After carefully analyzing past literature and findings from cognitive science and adult learning, theorists came up with a model that was supposed to help individuals to develop he ability to think strategically. The purpose of the article is to create awareness on the importance of strategic thinking as well as to propose ways through which this ability can be developed.

The authors proposed a model that was based on the identification and definition of strategic thinking. The model further defined strategic thinking as a systems-oriented, directional and conceptual way thinking that would help individuals to discover new and creative organizational strategies. The model suggests that the development of strategy cannot be separated from its implementation; thus, the authors described this as strategic thinking pit into action. The ability to develop the ability to think strategically is particularly crucial, yet few people comprehend the concept. Theorists have recently discovered a possible connection between strategic thinking and the adult learning literature. By using empirical findings and theoretical concepts, they proposed a learning model that would help individuals to think strategically. Thus, the article is most useful to managers who can implement the suggestions given into their organization.

The model proposed an experimental learning process that was not only dynamic and interactive but also iterative. The process puts into account the individual work experience, individual factors and the factors that promote the ability to think strategically in the organization. Therefore, the relationship between each components of the model is designed to create a pathway for more empirical and theoretical contributions.

Strategic Thinking essay

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