Knowledge Management essay

 There is a popular saying that ‘knowledge is power’. When a person knows something they gain power over it. It is thus important to manage the available knowledge and utilize it maximally. Proper knowledge management leads to improved responsiveness and reasoning on the various issues facing an organization.


Knowledge Management (KM) is a process that governs the creation, dissemination and utilization of available knowledge. Over the ages KM has existed in many forms and practiced by philosophers, politicians, priests, teachers and scribes (Wilson, 2002). KM is thus an ageless thing but was only acknowledged as a discipline in the early 1990s.

The processes of KM exist whether we acknowledge them or not. They influence the decisions we make and the actions we take. Since the decision we make have profound and long lasting effects, it is important to recognize and comprehend the process that affects these decisions and actions so as if possible improve the quality of the said processes.

KM is not a technological or a computing thing. Rather, it is an art that appreciates some facts present. For example, in his attempt to understand knowledge, Neil Flemings observed that; ‘a collection of data is not information. A collection of information is not knowledge. A collection of knowledge is not wisdom. A collection of wisdom is not truth’ (Fleming). To appreciate this, no technology is needed. The main question thus remains, how does this understanding influence different people? 

Reasoning and Responsiveness

There are two types of knowledge, the implicit and the explicit. The implicit knowledge is naturally found in a person and is utilized passively without the knowledge of the person. The explicit knowledge is learnt or acquired from different experiences. When a person acquires any form of knowledge, their reasoning somehow changes. The newly acquired knowledge brings a new understanding that was not originally there.

When knowledge is passed from one person to another, the two parties are affected differently. Depending on how the recipient responds to the knowledge, the giver will either have a low or high opinion of himself. This will affect how he reasons either confidently or shying away. The recipient, on the other hand, will have learnt something new. In his thinking he will incorporate this new knowledge.

Proper knowledge management in an organization will have an impact to the company (Hislop 2009). The impact will be a result of the cumulative benefit to each employee to the company. The acquisition of necessary skills by all the workers will enhance their effectiveness. There are two forms of knowledge, the implicit and explicit knowledge. The implicit comes embroidered in a human while explicit is acquired through learning.

Once there is a good plat form of sharing knowledge, a company’s employees will start reasoning as a team and not as an individual. This will enhance a mature decision making process based on the available knowledge. The juniors will start acknowledging their potential and will thereby be in a position to act decisively in critical conditions. The management will learn to appreciate the ideas that arise from the junior staffs, and, put them to consideration if not implementation.

Due to the organized way of sharing all the necessary knowledge, the overall efficiency of the company will increase. There will be not misuse of resource and time in trying to figure out something that had already been established in the past. Our employees will thus be fast to respond to raising issues.

Incorporating of technology to learning

The two main courses that the company will be offering are economics and Computer science. This is because the two are directly related to the company’s line of trade. To enhance innovation among the students, there must be a programmed that will expose them to both the most developed technological tools and the mundane ones. The students should have lessons where they utilize the under developed equipments and others where they will use the most sophisticated ones. The range of environment will enhance the student’s creativity as they try to contrast and compare the two.

The computer science students, for instance, will be expected to study both the most developed programming language and the most traditional ones. In analyzing the weaknesses and strengths of the two, they might get creative and develop one that will encompass all the benefits found in the two. The economic students should focus on a range of theories that will help them open up. It is upon them to adopt the one they consider the best fit. They will therefore fit in a range of business environments.

The upholding of the traditional and modern ways shall carter for different customer’s interests (Zack, 1998). There are those who though in the modern world, are so reserved to let go of their traditional ways. Others would not even hear of anything to do with outdated technologies. Incorporating the two in our programs will captivate all these customers.

Creating a competitive culture

As it is at the present, Deloitte’s employees depend solely on the knowledge management team to provide most of the support information. The role of supporting the existing client’s engagement and assisting in business development solely lies with this team. The team conducts researches and supply information on the company’s industry news and emerging trends. It manages all the internal documents and facilitates the sharing of industry’s knowledge among its professionals in each of the practices in the country. The knowledge manager is responsible of managing the knowledge section of the firm’s internet and availing the necessary information.

The knowledge management team is there by over burdened with responsibilities. It might there for not be able to function efficiently. There will be segmentation of this body into three categories, which are, the internal resources branch, the out sourcing department, and the overall knowledge management team. The internal resources will be responsible of managing the company’s achieves. They will receive all the documents from the company sort them and file them. They hand over those that contain necessary knowledge that can be utilized in future, to the overall team.

The outsourcing department will research on the trending issues in the industry and compile a comprehensive report. This department will work with the community to get their views. It will also engage the students in this research work as their assignment. This will give the students a good idea of the actual conditions in the markets.

The overall team will take the forwarded information and compile it into comprehensive forms and avail it to the employees of the organization. This reorganization of the knowledge management team will ensure that only the necessary information is availed to the professionals. This information will further be classified on topics and not like it originally was where the general information was laid in the same page.  


Managing the available knowledge is very important to any organization. Empowering the different entities of an organization boosts their efficiency. As the company prepare to venture into education business, it is vital that the knowledge management department undergoes some changes. This will enable it accommodate the new venture and increase its efficiency in the former through improved reasoning and responsiveness by all the stakeholders.

Knowledge Management essay

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