Human Resource Management: Building a Capable Workforce SIEMENS essay

  1. 1. Vision and Goals

“Siemens is a global powerhouse that looks ahead and takes the lead. And this pioneering spirit has always defined our company. For us, being a pioneer means more than just fostering invention and embarking on new paths. It means forging ahead into uncharted territory by developing, marketing and integrating leading-edge products and solutions tailored to today’s requirements. It also involves taking calculated risks to push innovation. This willingness to innovate, coupled with conviction and passion, is what motivates our employees. Only the kind of teamwork that enables all players to give their best, shoulder their responsibilities

and leverage their strengths can yield true pioneering achievements, whether in 1847 – the year our company was founded – or today. And it’s this pioneering spirit that informs our companies vision of the technologies and key markets of tomorrow.”

Through our global network of innovation and strong local presence, we are pooling and developing our knowledge and competencies within a high performance organization, aiming to create outstanding value for our clients, employees, shareholders and society.

       1. 2. Strategic Human Resource Management Policies

Siemens is a 160-year-old German based Company. Initially Siemens started out as a small Organization working in the production of electrical products and services. Today Siemens has grown and diversified into new markets while going Global, offering services in the energy, industrial and healthcare sector in addition to offering infrastructure solutions. Currently, the employment at Siemens has reached over 400,000 employees spanning over 190 different countries. Siemens pursued a corporate strategy that not only meant diversifying into new markets and offering high tech products and services, but doing so on a Global scale. This corporate strategy has largely contributed in its success making it a pioneer and among the world’s biggest companies.

In pursuing this corporate strategy, the company’s Human Resource Management has a huge role to play at Siemens. Offering such high tech products and services greatly increases the role of HR in selection of the employees and their training and for Siemens, since going Global; the company took a lot of initiatives to develop their corporate strategy on a larger scale. Siemens’ Strategic human resource management policies can be summarized in several points.

  • A never-ending learning process: As mentioned before, the nature of the high tech services provided by Siemens and doing so on such a large scale requires the company to pay special attention to the employees training, and that too, on a continuing basis. Siemens employs its system of hands-on internships training programs and combined classroom trainings to ensure that the employs are growing professionally along with the company.
  • In order for Siemens to utilize the maximum potential of their human resource they need to make their employees believe in the company’s corporate identity. One way of ensuring a global teamwork, the company offers rigorous training and development programs for employees. This enables them to grow professionally. For instance at Siemens, having cross-cultural experiences is vital for career advancements of the employees since the HR has made it a pre-requisite.
  • Siemens considers that their primary assets are its widely diverse employees from different religions, cultures and nationalities. Therefore, HR as part of its Strategic human resource management policy offers numerous cross-cultural activities which aims at supporting diversity and developing unity, transparency among its employees.
  1. 3.      Applicable legal and ethical codes

Siemens has its Compliance Program to safeguard the interests of the Organization as well its employees. Their ‘Business Conduct Guideline’ instructs that the employees and administration on proper guidelines to conduct themselves professionally. This Business Conduct Guideline sets a strict directive to all employees regarding the compliance of the regulations and zero tolerance for breach of the code. Following are some of the main features of the legal and ethical code of the company.

  • Anti-Public-Corruption Compliance – Section B.2 of the Siemens Business Conduct Guideline strongly discourages employees against offering unjust favors to individuals either directly or indirectly in the form or money or otherwise in connection with business dealings.
  • Ethical Codes for Financial Matters – The ethical codes for finances apply to every individual in the company. They are the same for both the CFO and a regular employee who deals with commercial functions. This code reinforces the codes of behavior previously established in Siemens for conducting all financial matters in a fair manner.
  • Business Consulting Agreements – The risk with BCA is that they can be manipulated in to passing out bribes. In a letter issued on February 14, 2007, a strict directive was laid out regarding proper conduct with business consultants and partners.
  • Payment and Bank Account Centralization – This code is an extension of the ‘Ethical Codes for Financial Matters’ mentioned in the earlier passage. This governs that all documents related to finance should be transparent. This policy should extend to all of the Siemen’s financial transactions carried in all part of the world.
  • Suppliers at Siemens – Siemens has defined a code of conduct for their suppliers and all suppliers must follow the guidelines of that code.
  • Corporate Donations - ‘Corporate donations’ guidelines have been defined. This document and explains the reasons and the areas that will be targeted for carrying out corporate donations.
  1. 4.       Diversity Considerations

As already specified, Siemens has over 400,000 employees across the Globe.  In Siemens, the fact that Siemens’ Diversity efforts are being supported and being backed by fully dedicated personnel can assess the importance of Diversity and the considerations it’s given. Mr. Bruce Perkins is the Director of Supplier Diversity. According to him “Diversity is one of the key sources of Siemens’ competitive edge. Our diversity of employees and business partners fuels the innovative solutions that have made Siemens a successful global leader for 160 years. At Siemens, we actively seek to achieve our People Excellence goals and increase our competitive advantage by diversifying and leveraging our workforce and suppliers."

The Company has received various awards for its Diversity efforts in the industry. In 2008, Siemens was among the 6 corporate leaders who were awarded as winners of the 2008 ‘Diversity Best Practices’ CEO Diversity Leadership Award for its efforts of investing in Diversity programs. 

At Siemens, Diversity considerations are not just seen as a corporate buzzword and a responsibility but an imperative step towards bringing innovation and success to the company. Siemens’s first diversity officer, Jill Lee says “Inclusion is not just about equal opportunities for individuals. It’s bottom-line necessity”.

Human Resource Management: Building a Capable Workforce SIEMENS essay

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