Good Leadership essay

Project or program leadership is the process of influencing socially, the aid and supporting others to accomplish a common program or project task. Certainly, successful accomplishment of programs requires strong leaders, who possess experience, characteristics and skills, which make them competent in their fields. Outstanding character is expected in good leaders who are responsible for carrying out the key roles of the project or program. Richard Stearns; the president and CEO of the World Vision U.S is an exemplary leader, whom I admire. Richard possesses excellent leadership characteristics and skills.

Admittedly, I admire Richard Stearns for his leadership abilities in the projects and programs of the World Vision U.S.. Richard has been in the leadership of the world vision U.S since the year 1998. Evidently, over the years in which Richard has been the CEO and president of the World Vision U.S, he has demonstrated exceptional leadership abilities. First, Richard holds a master’s degree in Business administration from the University of Pennsylvania making him competent in the programs and projects leadership. Secondly, Richard has had leadership experiences from other organizations such as Parker Brothers.

It is easy to see that, Stearns is a strong leader with the World Vision because he has continued inspiring a shared vision of the Word Vision with his colleagues. It is noted that, since joining the World Vision U.S, Stearns has participated in the partnership of the larger World Vision and advocated for its global impact standards and evaluating its programs effectiveness. Stearns has also demonstrated enthusiasm as the leader of the World Vision by travelling to a good number of the countries in which World Vision operates. Moreover, Stearns has notable empathy and excellent communication skills, which enables him to lead effectively (Stearns, 2009).

Other than being a fantastic project and program leader, Stearns has also addressed political and cultural issues within the World Vision organization. For instance, Stearns has worked amongst the needy children and empowered communities within the jurisdiction of the World Vision.

Undoubtedly, Stearns is an outstanding leader, because he is committed to excellence and is tolerant of ambiguity, emotionally steadfast and composed. Stearns mainly attributes his emotional steadfastness from his strong foundation in his Christian faith.

Project and program leaders have the key roles in which they play in their organizations. One of the key roles for project managers is to create clear and attainable project objectives managing the scope of the project and building the project requirements. Stearns has been able to carry out these key roles effectively. For instance, Stearns emphasized on identifying measurable goals for fund-raising and reducing overhead costs.

Stearns has been able to address political and cultural issues within the World Vision by embracing the triumph of the human spirit based on his strong faith as a Christian. He has also endeavored in nurturing the physical requirements of the people he is working for. He builds a spirit of team work and ownership of programs to the recipient communities. Certainly, Stearns is an outstanding leader, and I would want to emulate his commitment and devotion to his service and work. I would also want to imitate his steadfastness, and commitment to excellence. With such skills, roles and responsibilities, I will be better placed to become an authentic leader in a project or a program.

Richard Stearns is a successful program leader. He has inspired his colleagues, developed attainable goals and objectives for the World Vision programs and solved the social problems of children and the needy within the jurisdiction of the world vision. Stearns is a leader I would like to emulate in his skills, experiences, roles and responsibility in leadership.

Good Leadership essay

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