Employee Empowerment essay

Employment empowerment involves offering workers an upper voice in decision-making involving work related matters. Empowered employees are employees who receive self-motivation and they are committed feeling responsible to perform high levels of efforts. Motivated and empowered employees are a key asset in any organization. The degree of empowerment varies with the quality of work an employee delivers. Therefore, Employee empowerment entails identifying how much responsibility and authority an individual can effectively handle without becoming over-burdened. In the process of empowerment, supervisors and employees work together to establish precise goals and expectations within established boundaries.

Employee empowerment makes companies obtain effectiveness from employee resources. Empowered employees boost the productivity of an organization. They take responsibility of their works through creative thinking, and make independent decisions on a day-to-day basis this way contributing new ideas and innovations to their organization. These employees boost customer satisfaction. They have the freedom and obligation to deliver well-built customer service. If a customer has a question or an issue, an empowered employee has the ability to respond to the customer meaning they are enhancing customer service.

In conclusion, employee empowerment unleashes an individual’s potential and abilities. This way it contributes to the growth of the organization. An employee obtains the authority to take action and control of his/her work. The organization thus develops into a conducive environment for employees undertaking their tasks and removes any barriers that may limit the process of empowerment. The empowerment is important as it creates a positive environment to work in. it also promotes creativity and increases the productivity of workers (Kotelnikov). Further to that, workers get motivated encouraging teamwork amongst them. It also increases the knowledge of workers through training and provides emotional support, enhancing straight communication channels within the organization.

Despite its merits, empowerment of workers has demerits. It is an additional expense to the organization through conducting trainings. Some empowered workers may abuse the power given to them and there is time wastage in-group and committees. Another disadvantage is that some workers may be unable to make the right decisions in the course of their duty.

Lastly, organizations ought to empower their workers to improve productivity. Empowerment of employees poses a number of benefits to the organization hence; it contributes to an organization achieving its goals and objectives.

Employee Empowerment essay

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