Philanthropy essay

There is that one thing that completely sweeps everyone off the ground. Since my childhood, I had been keenly following, examining and analyzing how different people value and place importance to helping others, or simply put, giving back to the society. For several years, I had been looking up to people who feel that the act of giving back to the society is fundamental, and embrace it wholeheartedly as the noblest of all on earth. My greatest interest or concern has been revolving around people who help the less fortunate in the society.

Throughout my childhood, I had felt like there is a spirit that lived within me that could never be at peace if I walked down an alley and meet up with a starving child and walk by. Even during my late childhood and adolescence stages, I had always been enchanted and enthralled by the world’s renowned philanthropists such as Jon Bon Jovi, Michael Bloomberg and Jane Adams among others.

Although my mum used to say that I picked this character and personality from my late dad, may his soul rest in peace, who passed on when I was only two years old, I always had a hunch and a strong suspicion that it was beyond what she often proclaimed, even though I never got a chance to know him better. I heard that he spent his early youth volunteering at a refugee camp in the war torn nation, the Democratic Republic of Congo in Central Africa. In the year 1989, my mother succumbed to breast cancer. At that time, I was only sixteen years old. Having been the only child in the family, I had to move to the state of Alaska with my uncle who was in the United States military then. As a consequence, my life took a different twist. I had always dreamt of joining one of the most reputable medical schools in the United States to pursue a course in pediatrics. I knew very well that being in this profession would definitely allow me to achieve my ultimate goal of helping people in the society, or simply put, giving back to the community. For my part, I had hungered for giving back to the community throughout my entire life.

I had always imagined of myself owning a highly professional, well-equipped and technologically advanced pediatric clinic within one of the disadvantaged communities of the world, particularly in Africa. I had presumed that it would enable me chase after the footsteps of my late dad, and to accomplish his unfinished business of helping people in the society. In addition, I had always felt compassionate and concerned with children especially young children from poor families whose socio-economic backgrounds hinder them from accessing highly quality health care services. For me, helping these young children is equivalent to saving several future generations through simple acts of humanity.

After I completed my high school education, my uncle had me admitted to a military school. My heart totally sunk and I was highly frustrated about it. I had always dreaded and dismayed being in the military, not even once had the thought of joining the armed forces crisscrossed my mind. I joined the Alaska Military Academy in the year 1993. I spent all the days of my military training cursing and condemning myself for giving into my uncle’s wishes, and for not taking the path I had always dreamt of. However, time tickled so fast and before I knew it, I had completed my military training and later joined the Fort Wainwright Military Garrison. Although I had never enjoyed anything about military, I simply did it because it was my duty. Moreover, I had taken an oath after completing the military trainings to serve my country and its people.  Every time I picked up my rifle ready to go to the battle field, I felt like a part of me had been lost. I came to the realization that committing yourself to doing something you have never thought of or dreamt of for the rest of your life is worse than committing suicide.

My break through, I may say, came to pass when I was selected to join a troop that headed to work in Sudan on a peace keeping mission. I felt like Karma had something in my mind but I had never used my third eye to see this clearly. I was filled with great joy as well as anxiety because I knew that my dreams were going to come through finally, in some way. When we got to Sudan, I could not come to terms with what I saw. It was a highly war-torn country. Malnourishment of children and extreme levels of poverty were the talk of the day. All the hopes of the people about having better lives in the future had vanished. I strongly felt that I needed to do something different to help save the people.”Maybe, it is time to give back to the society”, I convinced myself. As a result, I used all the funds that my parents had left to set up health facilities and schools in Sudan. I could also source for additional funds from well-wishers and charitable organizations. Due to my undying hard work and struggles to improve the livelihoods of the Sudanese people, I was promoted to a major general, a post that was beyond my wildest dream. I now love and appreciate my job more than ever. I want to keep giving back to society until the day I take my last breath on earth. Today, I am devoted to live by the words of Albert Pikes who said that what we have done for others alone dies with us but what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal. I am more than determined to leave a legacy behind.

Philanthropy essay

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