Radical Forms essay


Poetry has existed in different forms throughout the history of the civilization of man. It is actually regarded as one of the best genres of literature that have had great impact on the development of man’s creativity and the desire to be an effective communicator. Poetry has always been presented in different forms depending on the understanding of the poet’s environment. A poet’s audience plays a very important role in defining style and the choice of the topic or issues in which the poet’s creativity revolves around. An important aspect of life situations that has never escaped poets’ minds is romance. Romance has always been at the centre of men and so it has been to poets of all ages. The major difference in the poets’ presentation of romance across ages has been in the style and choice of words. In the 16th century through the 19th century, historical evidence shows that poets’ embraced the use of fragmented poems as their main style of writing (Wu, 2006).

Scholars have often differed a lot in their view of fragmented poems. The critics of this poetic work often questioned the psychology of the authors of the work. They were of the feeling that fragmented poems were nothing but an incomplete piece of art and therefore did not deserve to be published at all (Wu, 2006). On the other hand, the scholars who support fragmented poetic work do so bearing in mind the intelligence of the architects of this work. The various types of fragmented have been found to contain rich information which is only discovered when the reader opens up his/ her mind in order to have a greater insight to the poet’s message. Romantic fragmented poems have been important in the study of the culture and the environment of the poet’s time.

Importance of fragmented poems

To get insight into the crucial role played by the fragmented poems in the society, here is an extract of a romantic fragmented poem that was written by Coleridge.

“ I can at times feel strongly the beauties, you describe, in themselves, & for themselves

– but more frequently all things appear little – all the knowledge, that can be acquired......”

This poem presents evidence of a high level of the poet’s appreciation of aesthetics as provided by nature. Fragmented poems play a crucial role in educating members of the society on the need of appreciting what nature provides. This is a very important message that transcends ages. It applies to societal members at the time the poem is created and still impacts on many generations to come. It creates the anxiety in the future generation to embrace posterity since they get to have a mental picture of what the world before them looked like. In this changing when nature conservation is something that everyone is supposed to embrace, fragmentic work has proved its usefulness since it initiates the desire for the current generation to live up to the deams of the fore fathers (Buell, 1973).

Fragmented poetry enhances creativity of the reader. Successful understanding of fragmented poetry requires in depth concentration and internalization of the poetic work that the reader goes through. Wu (1999), wrote in his book, A Companion to Romantiscism, that excessive clarity and connectedness is an indication of an individual’s shallowness of feelings and lack of self drive. This applies to both the writer and the reader who embrace clarity. In essence, it is crucial that the poet plays his part in initiating an idea and then creating a space for his/her audience. This is indeed the best way through which a reader is able to get more insight into what provoked the idea that was born in the poet’s mind that he/ she desires very much to share with the audience. When the reader takes up the poetic work, he/ she takes time and is even able to develop on the poet’s idea and also come up with something new. This is how knowledge in a given field is created.

When Wen talks about absence of inspiration, it should be understood that consolidated poetic work; no matter how much imagery it employs, at the end of the day it is an obstacle to a reader’s own thinking. It does not create any opportunity for readers to think out of the poem’s context. This is actually an impediment to young readers who have desire to venture into poetry. It leaves them without any guess on how they can initiate their own thinking since it is an obstacle to creativity. The only group of readers who find this kind of work satisfying is one that takes poetic work merely for the entertainment part of it only.

Fragmented poems usually provide the poet’s vision of the world. This is an important aid to the reader’s understanding of the part of the world that may be osscured from him/her.

It this kind of visions that gives birth to the hunger for change in the society. The poet presents his/her view of the world that is carried by his/her mind. Since the work is fragmented,  different readers are bound to decipher the message carried by the poem differently and hence contribute even further to what the reader had in mind while writing. There is no better way of developing a vision for the nation than gathering visionary ideas through such a process ( Seth, 2011). A society that values fragmented poetry will therefore bring up visionary young people who goes a long way in enhancing positive change in the society. This society will grow and realize development faster than that which embraces leadership that is responsible for all the society’s direction .

In fragmented poetry, authenticity and wholeness of being are discovered. This genre of literature requires that one puts down ideas that are self ignited. These are original ideas developed through once own thinking. It therfore goes beyond just sitting down and writing something close to what you read from the writings of another author. This way, authors are able to identify their own strengths and weaknesses as creative writers. The definition of a poet’s limits is very important since it is the stepping stone to the bigger ideas to come (Buell, 1973).

Fragmentaries are the only way through which a poet or any other writer can effectively convey information to his/ her audience that is not welcome by the authority. Poets like other writers have quite often been victims of  autocratic leaders who do not embrace ideas that do not tally with their own. These leaders usually feel threatened by writers and therefore a need for writers to develop better skills through which they can communicate with their audience. Fragmented poems play an important role in such a hostile environment. It is not easy for the leaders to follow this coded forms of poems and the poets are therefore safe (Wan, 1999).


Fragmented poems play a very important role in educating the members of the society on different issues. They are able to initiate change in the society even in the most hostile environment. Critics of this poetic work fails to realize the incidents that provoked the poets to use this particular style. They only based their argument on the fact that the work was incomplete, which is not right since the poetic work meets its goals.

Radical Forms essay

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