The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution essay

The Extent That Alleged Abuses Were Cited As a Justification for American Independence

According to the Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson, there existed a lot of inhumanity which amounted to injustice against the inhabitants of the colonies by the British Crown. In one way or another, this kind off explains why the first ten amendments of the constitution popularly known as the bill of rights, seem to address these injustices in an effort to uphold equality among all citizens. From the texts, it is possible for one to note that there was severe degradation of humanity in terms of freedom which not only affected the colonized states, but also the native subjects of the King of England. It seems that these injustices were even more prevalent in his native country as the people suffered from oppressive laws and statues which the king found fit for his ruling.

It is therefore easy for one to believe and understand Jefferson's depiction of cruelty by the King of England not only to his people, but also to the inhabitants of the colonies. With this perspective, one cannot help but realize that whatever was happening in England could very well and in essence was being replicated by the King in the colonies and States. This type of ruling was seen by Jefferson as unfit for a free people who shared among other rights, the right to pursue happiness. In no way were the policies being enacted by the King going to benefit the American people to this end. This is because, freedom of expression was non-existent and the fact that even in times of peace the English crown still kept armed soldiers in the states, served only as an indicator as to how minimal their freedom was.

Of importance too, and in one way or another is a key player to successful leadership, is the fact that the continued hold on American sovereignty was illegal and disrespectful. The fact that policies, rules and regulations were advocated without the consent of people showed clearly that the government in place did not derive its power and mandate from the people, rather it used threats and abductions coupled with other methods inherent in its head, for its very survival. This is not what a government should look like according to Jefferson. It should always endeavor to protect the rights of every civilian. The fact that Americans were being taken and against their own freewill, recruited and turned to fight against their own brethren and kindred, also qualifies as an injustice and therefore a strong basis for the declaration of independence.

How the Original Constitution Sought to Prevent Such Abuses in the New Republic

It is very important for one to realize that most of the injustices cited by Thomas Jefferson in the declaration of independence, touched on the very humanity of every individual citizen. It is therefore justified for one to conclude that it needed a personal approach to the problem if it was to be wholly solved and an amicable solution reached. I stand firm in believing that the first ten amendments which constitute the Bill of rights in every way and in every sense, was the ultimate solution towards minimizing these injustices in the newly formed republic. The Bill of rights was seen and dimmed by many on its appropriation in 1789, to cater for the natural rights and freedoms of the citizens of the United States.  This included the freedom of association, that of religion and the right to own property.

Bearing in mind that the extensive power which then King of England wielded was completely unquestioned, it is then very possible for one as a citizen , to feel less vocal in effecting change if need be and when the government ceases to represent the general perspective of the governed. However this was not be a problem in the new American Republic as the bill of rights limited substantially the power allocated to the federal government and subjected it to the will of the people. It derived all its power and influence from the governed unlike in the case of the British crown. In spite of the fact that there existed many opponents of the bill of rights, it was found to be very detailed in the sense that it safeguarded the fundamental principles that defined humanity.

How Ethics Might have Been Involved

In consideration of the fact that ethics are a building block to positive and high morals standards, I think that the new constitution and in particular the bill of rights, reminded every American citizen of the importance of being free of moral corruption. It is possible to conclude that this was actually what the King of England suffered from. His exalted himself before the very people from whom m he derived his power and influence. This goes to show that his abuse for humanity only amounted to loose morals and improper ethics. According to the Jefferson, such an individual was unfit and irrelevant as a ruler of a people who considered themselves free. I also believe that ethics played a center stage in the appropriation and upholding of the bill of rights. It is important that individuals who are entrusted with public offices which hold the greatest interests of the public, be of high ethical and moral standards and this helped in the avoidance of future abuses by any United States Leader.

Appendix A

The bill of rights was introduced by James Madison in 1789, to the then first United State congress. There existed initial twelve articles that were to be ratified. But due to heated debate on its importance and whether it fully provided for the fundamental rights and privileges of every citizen, only ten of these twelve articles managed to be ratified. The bill of Rights is a very highly regarded and respected document due to the nature of its very being and how sufficient it integrates the different cultures of humanity currently practiced in the United States, to ensure equality and fairness including justice for all. It is the very opposite of the infractions that were cited by Thomas Jefferson in the declaration of independence. It serves to protect the citizens from uncontrolled power and the dangers of bad leadership.

The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution essay

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