Muslim Physician essay

According to Brown (2008),on the issue of cross gender interaction, it is obvious that medical arena for most of the Muslims brethrens can be very uncomfortable. The challenge lies when the patient is forced to change her dressing or expose part of her body for examination especially to a medical practitioner of the opposite sex. It is through to this bioethics which causes a hierarchy of physicians to examine a Muslim patient. For instance preference is first issued to a Muslim physician of the similar sex, followed by a non Muslim of an identical sex, then a Muslim physician of different sex then lastly a non Muslim physician of opposite sex. it came to my realization that sex was given preference as to religion due to the fact that  there were concepts of” awrah” and seclusion that posed less barrier in same sex interaction.

From this personal experience I have come to realize that Muslims have different ways in which they use in seeking health care. They display certain behaviors which are greatly stemmed toward their Islamic conceptions of various diseases and their cure. Other than behaviors they possess Islamic rulings in regard to permissible therapeutics which widely contribute to the various renowned health outcomes. It is very evident that within the various health systems in different nations, Muslims tend to be treated differently from other religions due to stereotyping or great lack of knowledge of their culture by many medical practitioners. It is my greatest concern that knowledge should be enhanced in the medical field on the issue on culture and diversification so as to equip them during the process of treatment so that there could great patients and nurses satisfaction.

It is very important that we try to understand that culture which is largely formed by religious practices plays a very significant role in the shaping up of various health practices. Culture it’s like air meaning that culture is inevitable and so it is essential that it is incorporated in health facilities so that to minimize death which would be avoided if culture was understood. white(2006) asserts that, in the practiced based on patients and their culture, those responsible in providing health care must fully recognize the importance of understanding different cultures so that they can be able to avoid negative consequence of cultural diversification in a nurse encounter.  

According to white(2006), Nurses should be willing to adapt the practice of cultural diversification so as to accommodate patients need so that they can engage in good negotiations of their health treatments. It is very effective that the nurse seek cross cultural communication so that they can be able to gain information from their different patients. It is noted that effective cultural communication lead to patient satisfaction, adherence with the patient such that there are able to accept various outcomes of the disease. There are several ways in which nurses can establish effective communication for instance, a nurse can decide to incorporate questioners which seek to share information about their culture which may be useful in trying to administer treatment to this patient (Leininger, 2005)

In airlines customers are asked about their religion based on their eating habits this same ethos can be used by nurses when it come to the issue of choosing medical therapeutic that affect or not their religious belief (Leininger, 2005) Lastly, an effective communication plat form which will determine where to begin or to end any kind of a clinical dialogue by way of asking whether there is any way the nurse can make the treatment comfortable. This question greatly creates an environment that greatly solicits both the medic and the socio cultural concern.

Muslim Physician essay

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