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Boating is an activity of leisurely travelling using manpowered, sailboat or powerboat. In American boating, is a popular activity influenced by it western culture. In America, boaters increase annually, since the majority of people opt for boating as a recreation activity. Jimmy Buffet a well-known artist loves boating. Buffet has sailed across the world and in most cases, traveled with his eight-year-old daughter (Buffet and Lambert 22). People get involved in sporting activity such as skilling or fishing while boating. They learn from the many experiences they encounter and the actions they take. Most of the sailors are people with the responsibility of seeking friendship, unity in the family and personal growth (Vance 1). They love to meet with old friends and make new ones. Western culture has its influence on recreation and adventure as leisure activities. Therefore, boating is a recreation activity that helps in improving socialization of the Americans.

Buffet used boating time to compose songs (Buffet and Lambert 4). Just like most of the people, this is a moment that he gets knowledge and skills that are necessary for his arts. On the sea, nature and encounters with different people instill ideas that he write down for his songs. Boating is an activity encouraged for vocations and learning for both children and adults. Buffet enjoys sailing and fishing, which are his hobbies. He loves these activities, which makes his to be a fun of boating. He is a diver, which makes him safer in waters especially in case of any dangers with the boat. Buffet is an influence to people who love his art and wish to go for adventure and learn with him. Sailors should learn from him that apart from sailing they could enjoy other activities. They can use the surroundings to learn things and useful traits.   

Boating is a leisure activity that should be enjoyable and fun, but people should be carefully. Any person aspiring to go for boating should consider various issues to avoid problems in the waters. To be a sailor there is the act of powering up to on the right track (Vance 9). It gives guidance to anglers and water skiers. Powering up act is the first step that anybody with the will of boating should consider before getting the hands on the boat. It is like a protection against any expected trouble that one may encounter, whether foreseen or not. Buffet is an aspiration for many sailors in the way he is conversant with various issues in the marine. He has knowledge of what to do in cases of trouble and at the same time, he is a very good swimmer who can even dive. Americans who love boating should learn from him and will find all the fun and pressures. This will help people enjoy every minute and be more relaxed whenever they go for boating. 

 Boating is a leisure activity, though it carries along many responsibilities that are necessarily. The responsibilities carried along by boating are rules that govern the sailors as he set his hands on the boat for the waters. There are rules on navigation that helps in avoiding collisions or confusion (Vance 159). These rules are crucial and applied by sailor to confusion on the waters for themselves and other sailors. A sailor is always supposed to be keen and on the lookout. He should be keen on the rules that govern the way of overtaking and crossing paths with another vessel. This helps in avoiding accidents in the marine. Understating the way around the water helps the sailors to maneuver around the waters with confidence (Vance 173). This rule also helps the sailors to be on the right side and avoid risky sites and other dangerous within the water.

Sailors should understand how to use sonar to scan the unseen depths. This helps in avoiding tragedies that sailors may not be aware of just by mare look. The sonar is used also for fish sporting (Vance 189). With the knowledge of how to use sonar to sport fish, fishing becomes easy and fun. Unnecessary fishing of immature fish is minimal, therefore eliminating the problem of overfishing. Sonar is a very important tool for sailors, which need to be understood for it to be of help. Another responsibility that comes along with boating is the bad weather navigation (Vance 195). This ensures that the sailor is not caught unaware by a change in weather. Powering up ensures sailors are aware of bad weathers that may be dangerous.

It helps in discouraging boating on bad weather (Seidman 166). Predictions of weather are made and prepare people for boating in different weather conditions. Responsive ways of avoiding bad weather are instilled on the sailor. Additionally, preparing for boat emergencies are the responsibility of the sailor (Vance 211). Any sailor is responsible for handling any emergences of the boat. Therefore, knowledge and skills of sailing as well as those of emergency handling are crucial. Another important aspect of responsibility in powering up is finding a safe place to harbor the boat (Vance 289). For security and safety, boats cannot be harbored anywhere. Sailors have to harbor them is safe places to avoid unnecessary dangers.

Boating helps in improving the social status of most of the people. This is because they meet with different people with different ideas that help them improve their lives in the way they think and do things. This is true as we see the life of Buffet after he started sailing. His music became so magnificent. Up to date Buffet music is great because he gets ideas time after time as he changes places and meet different people. The adventures and recreation of sailors is important and helps them acquire more knowledge and skills that are necessary in improving their ways, therefore giving them better ranks and positions in the society. Exposure to people with different ideas helps them greatly to influence other people positively.

Most of Buffet work is influenced by surrounding and people that he meets while boating. These exposures influence his writing and the songs that he composes. Boating from this point of view serves as a great influence in the work places. Most of the workers who use their holidays and leaves to go for boating have better and open minds when they get back to work. They are not comparable with those workmates who did not go for such vacations. Sailors give sound decisions because of their interactions. These are people who may have faced similar or the same situations. This makes people who go for boating more power and influence giving them higher ranks. Additionally, boating acts as a molding point for many of the people who find their talents and work on them to better their lives.

Most of the sailors like to enjoy nature, meet with people they have minds that are alike in the outdoors and adventure. Buffet influenced people into boating culture. In one of his songs, he talks of the ocean holding treasures that only few have seen (McKenna 219). Through his declaration of the treasures in the ocean, boating culture in America becomes a leisure activity for people with exploration minds. He encouraged people to have sober reasoning in making any decision in choosing and avoiding something (McKenna 8). Buffet encourages people to have leisure but seek knowledge, which is the case for most of the sailors in boating culture. 

Boating is a very nice business especially in Americans because of citizens who love to sail for leisure. Business people wishing to thrust would look at the passion of this Americans as an opportunity. This is because most of the people sail for leisure but do not know where to look for the services they need. Public boating at times becomes so crowded and the ideal pressure lacks. This is where the private boating comes in to secure the situation. Some families would wish to hire a boat other than buying one. This influences the business of boat owners positively. Never the less, buying of boats is considered a luxury thing and those wishing to buy do so gladly. They do not have to look for boats far away since they are made locally within their reach.

Business in the boating industry in America is good. Additionally, Buffet has been a great influence for boating business. His performances cause hug attraction especially for those who love his music. Business of boating is affected negatively by high fuel costs with the private sector suffering the most. Buffet has influenced most of the businesses through his performance. Businesspersons who have had a nice experience of his performance have not suffered much due to high fuel costs. He is a great influence in business through his art. Buffet music is an attraction to many people. Some people just want to be around him and would pay any cost be where he is. Other need pictures and autographs signing and pays other costs just for this. This influences businesses positively. Additionally, his albums sell at a high rate, which means he influences the economy of the country.    

Fuel costs have limited the sailors to make shorter sails, in most cases remain along the shores, and harbor. This affects the exploration and adventure of sailors who wish to see the deep seas. The business is affected because most of the potential sailors wish to reschedule their trips. Additionally, boats hired do not make much profit as expected due to the fuel costs. Never the less, some of the business remain profitable especially those that have clients who do not mind the cost. These clients wish to pay anything as far as they get what they want. Businesses with such clients remain profitable and the costs of fuels do not affect them. Business here is good and profitable. Those in business should capture the influence of Buffet and his music to attract more clients. His music is educative and nice for listen. It has the ability to capture the hearts and souls. The music of Buffet is an aspect that people should use in attracting businesses. 

The announcements of Buffets performance influence many businesses around the area that he holds the concerts. People who have listened to his music and performance love it so much that would not imagine missing his performances. Some wish to sail with him to listen to his performance. This attracts more income for the marine business. On the other side, some book hotels and restaurants to wait for his arrival for live performance. Additionally, others make expensive travels for the sake of seeing him for autographs singing and photo taking. This means extra spending and extra income for most of the businesses. Eventually, the economy is boosted through his music indirectly.

Buffet knows that boating is something that should give people all the fun. He influences people through his songs on what to expect and what to do. People who go for boating through his influence understand that they have to have all the fun. It is necessary for sailors to stay warm and always dry. This enables them to have all the fun without limitations (Isler and Isler 40). Additionally, sizing up the sailing wardrobe would be necessary to avoid inconveniences. On the other side, it is necessary for a sailor to feel the wind. This is finding the direction of the wind for sailing (Isler and Isler 80). Other clues could be used to identify the wind's direction, which would eventually help in easing boating.  

Proving all the necessary tools that may be necessary for a sailor is equally important. This helps in organizing everything in its place for peaceful sailing (Johnson and Johnson 103). Whenever things and tools get organized, sailing becomes easy. Sailors get fun and enjoy themselves whenever they get everything in order. This means that organization and provision of the necessary tool makes sailing a relaxation time. Most of the sailor that have had organizing and providing the necessary requirement have experienced all the fun. Therefore, providing the necessary requirement and organizing before getting for sailing is equally important. On the other side, it is necessary to know that it is important for a sailor to know where to anchor. Anchoring is a necessary thing that sailor should understand (Gilbert 78). All the basic knowledge of understanding how to anchor, when and where should be clear to all the sailors who want to take the boat on the water. Boating is very enjoyable and a fun, but if sailors fail to take the necessary measures this can be all ruined.

Boating culture is problematic in the way it causes pollution. Pollution is a problem that Buffet has no influence over, though he can use his influence to educate sailor. Boats cause air, water, and noise pollution that are harmful to the environment. Noise pollution affects marine life and people in the surrounding negatively. Worn-out boats have ruined trips along most of the city canals and affected the livelihoods of residents living along those canals. Most of the boats have old engines that cause excessive noise and emissions that are harmful to the environment. Noise pollution on water causes greater problems for marine creatures, though it is ignored. Imagine the interference it caused humans in the surrounding is even lesser than what is experienced by marine creatures. This is because most of marine creatures use sound to find food and communicate over long distances. Boating cause a lot of noise pollution in this case interferes with nature of marine lives.

Additionally, boating cause frequencies dangerous for marine lives. Some of the frequencies are high and cause loss in marine life. Boating could be dangerous for marine live and may destroy nature in marine. Boating is also a major source of water pollution. Chemicals and oil spills are emitted into the water causing pollution, which is a dangerous trend. Oil spills are notable forms of pollution experienced from boating, which are more dangerous for marine creatures. Old or faulty engines are responsible for the spillage. Therefore, boating with such vessels is dangerous for marine lives.

Additionally, it would be a great problem for a sailor to use the wrong boat. This is because different boats have different techniques. Sailing with the right boat would be more fun (Johnson and Johnson 14). A right boat reduces risks on the marine. Dangers that would arise from failure of the vessel would be reduced. People using the right vessel are more comfortable and relaxed. They are able to have all the fun they need. They learn from the surroundings and people they encounter, since they have no worries. Learning becomes easy for relaxed sailors who are able to interact with other people. Taking all the necessary measures and understating a boat that one intends to use is essential. The main aim here is to avoid inconveniences and frustration to enjoy boating.

In conclusion, people should understand that boating is a recreation activity that they should always enjoy but be careful. They should pick recreation areas carefully and should avoid getting to sensitive marine areas. This would help to avoid interfering with marine lives. Additionally, they should always maintain their boats by ensuring that they are always clean and in proper conditions for work. This will help in regulating any form of pollution and keeping it at minimal. Liquid and oil spills should be cleaned with kitty that sweet them up, which eventually helps in reducing water pollution. On the other side, some of the boating noise is positive and necessary. Some companies involved in fishing use pinging noises that help in maintaining minimal by catch. Some sound like those of the motor boats are used to give warning to marine life over a potential danger. This means that some of these noises are necessary in protecting and maintain marine life. Therefore, sailors should understand what is helpful to marine life, do it, and avoid what is unnecessary or dangerous. Buffet influence can be used to influence change especially in marine pollution.

This Is the Life essay

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