Federal Government and Provision of Health Care essay

Basis for health care reforms have been looked into since the year 1912 by some of the American presidents who have been on the throne. The figure of the uninsured citizens has gone up to over 45million although some of these people are illegitimate settler. The people who are insured are living with fear because if they lose their jobs or transfers to another job, they will not have any health coverage. The living economy have gone up, and some companies are giving their employees their health coverage, however, imposing the cost of  insurance on them, and this will make the employees to go without insurance so as to buy food for their families.

Some people say that the regime should offer health care for to be for entire people because there some people who cannot afford to pay for their medical bills. Other opposes and says that the government should not provide health care because they are all paying for it in their taxes. Here, we are going to discuss on both sides and see which one out way the other. It is not so good to live in a big country like United States, and not get health care coverage or even reasonably priced health care. Some of the people are insured; others get help from the government while others work very hard, but cannot get the money to pay for their insurance. Kids and elderly people should be considered, and be given free health care because they are not able to work for themselves so that they can get insured.

The number of the uninsured people have gone up because of the organizations are treating their employees very unfairly. The organizations are saying the economy is very bad, and if they have to provide for them the insurance covers, the cost will be on them. The employees see this as very expensive for them, and they receive a very low salary. The employees prefer to look after their family with the little salary they get. Saying that it does not mean that without the insurance cover, they will not get treated. They say that there are a lot of clinics and services for the indigent’s persons. The federal government should provide health care for its entire citizen because the health care has become very expensive for persons as well as businesses. This is because if individuals pay insurance cover for themselves, they will have less money to cater for their needs, for example, on food, rent, and other needs. Businesses also have a specific amount of money which they spend, on manual labor. They say that if they use additional money on health cover, they will have less money to employ new employees, increase employees’ salary, invest in other areas, and many other needs. This will lead to less money going to the economy side thus health care will prevent the country from making strong financial system recovery. So the government should look into this if they want the economy to go up, they should provide health care for all its citizens.

The federal government should provide a central nationwide record which will make attending to patients and diagnosis simpler for doctors. When one goes to hospitals, he has to fill a prolonged health history if you meet a new doctor. This is a big problem because it is wasting someone’s time and money; the patients may not even remember their past medical problems, and the physicians need the correct information so as to have the proper treatment on patients. Finally, different systems give people difficult time analyzing statistics at a nationwide rank. Example is a disease like cancer dropping? How often is it related with a definite type of symptoms? A centralized national system would allow the data analysis that people have never dreamt of to be possible which will lead to remedial advances and improved diagnosis competence. The reason against a centralized database is that some providers for the insurance may not give medical cover if they find out that a patient might have definite past medical problems. However, if the government is providing a medical cover for everyone in the country, that should not be of any problem ( Bardes & Shelley, 2008).

If the government provides free health care services it will encourage the patients to do precautionary drugs, and ask about the problem they encounter with their health early when the treatment will be light. In most cases, patients do not go to hospital for check up and treatment, or take preventive actions because it is very expensive and they cannot avoid the cost. This is because many people do not have the health cover this will make them when they visit the hospital they health problem that could be treated at an early stage or be prevented become more serious. This will not only affect patients but also the overall expenses of the system. This will be because the preventive drugs cost less money than drugs for curing diseases themselves. If the government provides health care, it will make the patients not to be discouraged from visiting doctors for checker ups because they will be insured.

The biggest weaknesses the recent health care systems are that patients with a precedent or current medical condition for example, diabetes or cancer frequently cannot get health coverage which they can, afford.  The industries do not mind people with these illnesses, and if they do, they will not cover their precedent diagnosed situations. This will lead to patients using all the money they have or live with the disease when it is not treated. No one with pre existing situations would be deprived of the insurance cover in a universal system. The government should provide free universal, health care because for example, if one is involved in an accident, and their relatives are not aware of it, and it is very vital to have a surgery, the doctors cannot do it unless they are first paid. This is very bad because the health of the patients should be extremely crucial than the bill for the hospital. The American citizens are even willing to pay higher taxes so that the government can provide health care services (Rathke, 2009).

Some people are at variance that the government cannot run a health program or cannot cater health businesses because they say that the government cannot run them effectively. They claim that they have heard a lot about the government, and there is none which account for every dollar which is used like the private sector. If the government cannot be able to account for every dollar used, then how are they expected to manage the medical system?  They say like the health care bill which president Obama passed in the year 2009 with over 2000 pages has not yet been implemented. Others suggest that if the government has to provide health care services for its employees, it would lead to reduction in patient litheness. The government would put strict measures on people who will need the medication and their might also is a political battle on medical procedures.

 Others claim that the government should not be involved because they believe that medical issues are supposed to be between the individual people and the doctors.  They say that where one is suffering from should only be known by the doctor, and not anyone else. They think that the if the government will be in control of health services the doctors might be authorized to state where the patient is suffering from no wonder some are saying that medical issues should be between individual and their doctors. They say that private sectors have a lot of money, and so they can help people who cannot afford health care. This is because most of the health care services are owned by private sectors. Others oppose for the government to provide health care services because they will do it in a corrupt way. For example, if one wants to vie a seat in the government, they might say that he will provide health care, for they self-interest. Like when Obama’s drive for the reform of health insurance you saw how politics reared its revolting head. Then how long will it take to provide all the medicines, and treatment needed?

U.S Census Bureau reported that about 50.9 million people of the inhabitants were not insured, and the number increases as time goes by. The United State people used more money on the health medication than any other country in the world. U.S has a higher infant mortality rate than the majority of the world developed nations. It is positioned on the 47 position in the world on it life expectancy after some developed countries like UK, Germany, and others. United Nation is the only wealthy, developed country that does not make sure that its entire people are insured. A research was done, and it was concluded that many unnecessary deaths occur yearly because of lack of insurance cover.

On my opinion, the federal government should provide health care for all citizens who cannot afford it on their own. They should make sure that all citizens are insured, and should also make sure that all the health reforms are implemented. By doing this, every person would be safe if he falls sick. This will be because it will be less expensive for him to be treated, and he would receive the best treatment.

Federal Government and Provision of Health Care essay

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