Ron McKinnon "Paradigm" essay

The paradigm is more important because injuries measure safety performance. The misconception about the paradigm is that when injuries happen when there is a lack of performance in taking the safety precautions. The misconception is that injuries only happens when the desired safety is missing but it is not true most of the time, because how many times you should take a safety precautions but you will face the rationale, so it is clear that the human only take the precautionary methods but cannot dependent on it. The human psychology is that when the safety precautions have been taking he cannot try to be focused on other things which are the purpose of the accident. The accident not only happens when you take the precautions but it happens when you cannot care of it. The combination of the safety and the tools make things easier but the prevention always happens it is not true and the accident happens. Some time the injuries happen when the planning might not right. The worth of the work is like the tool of the tool box. The human nature always tried to be focused only on the work he cannot want to manage the before working methods.

The easier ways human wants rather than the wrong one. The misconception is their about the safety performance is their any equipment to measure the safety performance the answer is in negative because there is no equipment as such to follow the instructions. The safety is very essential because if you would not prevent from the subjective things you should be aware of it that any might of difficulties you should faced. The safety is made for humans because the life of human is very precious. The human nature is that we cannot take precautions before starting the new assignments.     

The most important paradigm is that the injury is a safety record. The misconception about the paradigm is that injury free is a good record but it is not true because this not as like that the true picture is that the human take precaution by itself, implementing safety rules but it is not true just that a person who is injury free taking a good record as far as safety is concern. The safety is first but when a person gets injured it does not mean that he is taking the precaution or not. The problem is that if you take any kind of precaution but when some trouble arises in front of you  will be face that kind of trouble.

You can run but you cannot hide. This saying is true because the problem is that the person taking medicine but he does not feel well is just like that what kind of precaution you will take no matters but if you will infected you will infect. The human nature is like that the person does not want any kind of safety but the main purpose is that the work has been a accomplished so he does not care about the precautions. In the book the misconception about the truth is that if you take any kind of precaution you will feel free but it does not mean like that if the person takes any kind of safety methods but the things happens to them. The synopsis is like that the person taking any kind of the precaution the human eye cannot imagine just where the diseases arise from whereby. The safety record is clear shows that you will take full safety methods but if you were in practical the life tells that the human is infected from the different kind of areas.

Ron McKinnon "Paradigm" essay

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