No Blood - No Foul essay

The paradigm in the book by author Ron C. McKinnon "Paradigm" is that the no blood; no foul. It means that the person take the preliminary precaution first so the accident never happens in the work place of the person. The accident happens when the person is not making sure about the safety methods of the work. When the accident happens the person is containing the full amount of blood and the mistake happens, so it is sure when you start you desired work your methods, safety, work place, has been clear because accident happens mostly when the person is not preparing for it. The work has been done the precaution should take before starting the new work. The desired formula is that when you were starting the new work you should be clear about the safety purpose, the nature of the work the desires about the work.

The misconception about the third paradigm is that we consider the example if the person is not preparing for their tool accident happens why because the tool is more important aspect for any work but if you forget the tool the accident happens. In this paradigm the most important aspect is that when the person is not aware about the work tools he faced the some non disturbing things.

Time is very precious so you should take a decision before you starting your new work. The paradigm is that the preliminary action is more important rather than the second one. When the person is not aware about the rationale of the work he never done his work because he cannot imagine any accident could take place. The accident happens only when the precaution should not take place. The desired work has been done when the safety has been done. The work will be completed when you cannot prepare the initials but the chances of accident raises.

No Blood - No Foul essay

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