The Search for the Identity as the Crucial Theme in 'Montana 1948' essay

It may seem to the readers that “Montana 1948” is a box with the double bottom as at the first sight the book looks like a good detective novel with a murder and later investigations, but if the deeper layer of this story deals with significant philosophical questions. “Montana 1948” highlights the themes of human identity and explores the conflicts arising after the inner identity of a person comes into clashes with images created by the outside world and forced onto the human.

Everything the readers learn about the people and the events is obtained through the narrator, a curious teenage boy. He is personally related to all the main characters and he may be biased, but the fact that the author chose a boy, not an adult to narrate the story, adds some credibility to the plot and not vice versa. Children are often more sincere than adults and they do not have so many reasons to tell lies.

The true protagonist of the novel is the narrator’s father as it is he who desperately struggles to find out his true identity, although this question is not alien to the narrator as well. Wesley exerts every effort to come to terms with his multiple duties – father, husband, son, brother, sheriff, etc. Moreover, he has to find at least some harmony not only with the people who surround him, but also with the place where he lives. The novel is called “Montana 1948” not accidentally. Watson implies that the connections of the person’s identity to his or her local community are immense.

In summation, it is necessary to say that “Montana 1948” offers the readers a variety of deep philosophical questions to explore and analyze. At the same time, this novel is quite entertaining. This combination is undoubtedly a big advantage of the book as it allows the author to talk about very significant social and personal problems without losing the attractiveness of the plot.

The Search for the Identity as the Crucial Theme in 'Montana 1948' essay

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