"Who Moved My Cheese?" essay


The paper analyzes the lessons from changes suggested by S. Johnson in “Who Moved My Cheese?” The author teaches to be flexible to changes and uses four characters to discuss the theme of change in the book. They are two mice and two people. They search for cheese, but react differently when the object of their search disappears. One of the characters – Haw – learns six lessons from change. They are: changes occur, it is necessary to get ready to them, one should monitor changes, it is important to adapt to any changes, one should move together with changes, and enjoy any changes.

“Who moved My Cheese?”

S. Johnson’s “Who Moved My Cheese?” familiarizes the reader with four characters and their ability to adapt to new conditions. The characters of the writing under consideration are as the following: two mice (Sniff and Scurry) and two people (Hem and Haw). All these characters have one purpose – to find cheese as it is the food they need in order to live. However, they face the problem. It turns out that cheese disappears from the station and it is a big change for both mice and people. The characters deal with this change in different ways. Mice turn to be more flexible than people and decide to search for a new station that will be full of cheese. These animals are simple and do not spend much time on thinking over what to do next. They only follow their natural instinct to search for new food. The situation is different with Hem and Haw. They return to the station several times to get to know if anything has changed. They are not able to make fast decisions and hope that cheese will return to its previous place (Johnson, 2003).

While reading “Who Moved My Cheese?” I understood that there is one character I can be identified with. It is Haw. I know that it is very complicated for me to adapt to new and unexpected situations, especially if everything was perfect before any changes. I like quiet life and if something undergoes changes in it, I tend to keep hope that in some time everything will be the same as it has been recently. When I see that nothing can be done with the situation, I try to handle the problem and find a new way to live in complicated conditions. This teaches me to be flexible and gives me more experience. I value new information and situations that can teach me something, but still I prefer waiting for some time and see if it is possible to avoid changes in my life.

It should be noted that there are several important lessons that can be learned by a person with the help of change. First of all, the author of the book stresses that changes happen and it is impossible to avoid this. People have to learn how to adapt to changes. Otherwise, it would be very difficult for them to survive in new conditions. It is necessary to get ready to any changes because one cannot know when they occur. Changes are a normal process and it is normal for a person to move to another place or search for a new way to earn for living. Haw teaches the readers that it is very important to monitor the change and follow the cheese. It means that it is a mistake just to sit and wait for a better life. It is necessary to put yourself together and search for better conditions yourself. Enjoying change seems to be the most useful lesson suggested by Haw (Johnson, 2003). Change means something new, some experience and people should not be afraid of it. If one enjoys changes, it is much easier for him/her to adapt to a new situation and find numerous advantages in it.

The lessons presented in the book can be incorporated into one’s personal and professional life. The pieces of advice suggested by Haw help to understand that changes motivate people to look for something better than they have had earlier. Perhaps, one would never search for a better job if he/she had not been discharged. It frequently happens that the salary paid by a neighbouring company is much higher, but a person does not know about it because he/she is too absorbed by the law-paid job he/she has at the moment. The same situations may occur in personal life. You may never find out that there is someone better than this very boyfriend or girlfriend until you start looking for he/she and, as a rule, you start doing this after a big quarrel with a previous partner.

"Who Moved My Cheese?" essay

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