Italy Culture essay

Northern Italy

1. Describe a number of special local cultures, foods, norms, rituals, and etc. (i.e., anything) you find interesting from the video (at least three and briefly describe them).

There are a number of unique local cultures in Northern Italy. For example, oranges are very popular in this region especially during specific periods. They are used during famous Italian festivals. Moreover, oranges are used not only as a food but as the tool for battles during such festivals. They create a unique atmosphere of Italy. Skiing is also widespread in this region. It is not only a kind of sport but a necessary element of Italians’ lifestyle. A large number of mountains may be used for skiing, and it helps to attract additional tourists in winter. Traditional Italian rowing boats are also may be considered as the representatives of local culture. Gondolas are the most famous examples. They have some functions as a public transport. However, their main role is promoting Italian culture and attracting tourists from all over the world. Traditional Italian festivals are also the concentration of the unique Italian culture.

2. How do you perceive the existing tourism infrastructure in Italy? Please evaluate all five tourism sectors in Italy (i.e., Accommodation; Food & beverage; Recreation; Transportation; Travel services).

Italy has a well-developed infrastructure. Accommodation is available in all parts of Northern Italy. However, it is comparatively expensive as the consumers’ demand is significant. There are different types of food and beverages. A large fraction of them represent the Italian culture and traditions. Recreation may take different forms. Tourists may enjoy active recreation with the help of skiing in mountains. There is a large variety of typical recreation procedures that may be received in any hotel. Transportation is effectively organized in Northern Italy. In particular, it is possible to use both traditional and unique transportation facilities (such as rowing boats, gondolas, etc.). Travel services are one of the main sources of attracting tourists, and they are on the necessary high level. Tourists are free to enjoy any combination of cities and places of interest they want to visit. It is possible to create unique programs for every client.

Italy Culture essay

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