Into Thin Air essay

This is a movie that shows a story about a mountain climbing mission that ultimately resulted into an accident. The ill-fated climb resulted into many criticisms both from the participants and professional mountaineers. It is a story based on how ordinary individuals relinquish their daily affairs in order to try out the spirit of adventure. They had a mission, to conquer the world’s highest mountain, but they did not make it. The ultimate disaster was the death of eight climbers in the process of the exercise. This was caused by an enormous storm that caught up with them while in the process of mountaineering.

This essay analyses Jon Krakauer’s “Into Thin Air” from the project management perspective.

Projects need to be adequately planned before starting them up. Planning involves issues such as choosing the appropriate location and allocating the proper sums of the funds required to finish the project. The climbers in the movie were ordinary individuals who did not care to plan for the journey. They perceived mountaineering as a basic task that could be easily accomplished. This made them spend enormous sums of money to set out for the ill-fated climb. They did not have a clear plan on how they could safely climb the mountain. This resulted in the death of eight climbers as they encountered storms. Projects would also fail in cases where they are not appropriately planned for. Individuals should take maximum time and other resources in order to pay more attantion to options which are available to them in the process of project implementation. This would give them a chance to choose the project they would like to pursue to completion. Planning would enable them to complete the intended projects without encountering disasters. The projects undertaken through proper planning would be more effective and easier to implement.

Individuals should always try to involve experts in their work when undertaking various projects. Experts are those individuals with a rich background information concerning an issue. They would enable one make the right decisions concerning various projects. One would be advised on the kind of staff, to employ in the process of managing the projects. The mountain climbers did not consult experts. They would have being warned of the dangers of reaching the mountain peak without taking caution. The accident would not have occurred in case they could have requested one of the experienced mountaineers to accompany them in their mission. In such a case they would have a successful exercise and they would enjoy more. The individuals could have predicted that it would not be safe to go to the uppermost parts of the mountain. Project management should also involve the inclusion of experts. Those individuals with a rich background knowledge in project evaluation and management would make it easier for any entity to run its projects. It would ensure that the entire projects are moving towards the desired location and come out successfully. It would make the projects of the highest quality possible because of expert involvement.

In conclusion, the book “Into Thin Air” talks about inexperienced mountaineers who ended up losing their lives. They spend enormous sums of money in the process of mountaineering but did not plan effectively. From a project management perspective, these individuals would have been successful in case they could have planned in advance. Planning would have made the entire exercise a success. This means that individuals intending to come up with successful projects must plan adequately. The involvement of experts is also a vital issue. The mountaineers failed to involve experts in their exercise. They would have had a successful experience in case they could have adhered to this. Project management would be more effective if experts were involved.

Into Thin Air essay

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