Individual Analysis of Experience Report essay


Observation and analysis is direct method of learning the things. On the other hand education is a process to learn about the field related subjects theoretically. Therefore, learning process is a combination of group working and understanding the theoretical concepts to apply them in real-time practical work scenarios. For this work management enables learner to get appropriate skills from the concluding and results. However, good management of tasks and practical run through to the assignments can make the learner to be a learned. The evolution process of learning and mastering the things is based on the experience learned form the practical activities and experience report done by a worker in accordance to the management of work and appropriate explanation of the tasks.

Awesomeness team, me and assigned task

Our group of five members has been assigned a task to observe the “Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant” with its entirety. In our assigned task we have observed the buffalo wild wings restaurant’s business concept, its inception and mission, its standard procedures, its good and bad aspects and the overall organizational culture applied in.

In the team observation I have to put my individual analysis to explain my understanding about the organization and my personal experience of group working. In this regard the inception and evolution of the buffalo wild wings restaurant has inspired me a lot and given me the real world example to synchronize my theoretical material into the real world practices. Moreover, it has exposed to me the practical approach towards the work and real time scenario of business.

  • What did you do?

My approach to anticipate in the class was very optimistic towards the subject, theories and concepts. I have gained my knowledge in the passionate manner due to my zealous interest into the subject. It obviously helped me a lot to examine the real time example of buffalo wild wings restaurant.

  • Why did you do it?        

The only reason behind my interest in the subject is my passionate affiliation with it. I think this is the only thing which helped me to explore and made it possible to analyze and examine the assigned task in its eternity.

  • What did you learn from the experience?

It has helped me to optimizing my business concepts and assists me that how to sketch an organization chart and how to develop an organization design. The mission statement after the inception of buffalo wild wings restaurant its goals and leadership prototype is very inspirable for me which put my zeal into a passionate sense.

  • What would you do if faced with a similar situation in the future?

I really enjoyed in the group working as the group behavior was really good during the test task working. On the other hand my Self-efficacy was also good which worked and helped for my good interaction between the group partners. And the positive organization behavior also leads us to develop good group behavior between us and enhanced our self-efficacy as well.

  • What did you learn about your group as a result of working with them throughout the semester?

It was a good experience for me to work with my group. Group working has instigated creativity within myself and allowed me to think collectively. The group working also helped me in the decision making with consideration of group working.

  • What did you learn about yourself as a result of working with your group throughout the semester?  

As it was a good experience for me therefore I learn many things like Expert power team building, trust, team trust and Values. I think this is only because of and a result of working with my group throughout the semester. I am confident that it will help me in my future endeavors. 

Individual Analysis of Experience Report essay

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