Human Beings essay

Human beings are categorized as social being in that they can not survive on their own and hence requires interaction skills to enhance their existence. Due to the diverse nature of human beings, they will always posses different opinions, perceptions and ideas over different issues.  Due to this behavior, most are the time that we require good interpersonal and intrapersonal skills in order to co-exist harmoniously with others. All having being said and done, most are the time that we fall short of these skills, leading to misunderstanding with one another. These challenges at times are evident in work place, which can in turn lead to poor performance in the organization. This paper thus seeks to look at some of cultural challenges in the work place and how some of these challenges can be dealt with.

People are brought up in different environment and it’s noted that ones back ground can have a bearing on nature of person who will be molded from it. At this time of economic hardship, people are moving across the border in search of greener pastures as well as means of earning a living. This presents a challenge when one is not conversant with culture of people he/she is working with. Since different regions have different cultures, it might happen that what one community values is taboo to the other community. This hence creates conflict since a feeling of offense is normally perceived by one party ( Charlotte, 202).

Since people communicate in different languages, it becomes very offensive when for example individuals use their mother tongue in work place. It is very offending to those who don’t understand that language and it has been shown to create groupings rather than teamwork spirit. It is unethical to use language that is not familiar to every one in that one might think he/she is being back bitten by others. In work place, it is thus paramount to adopt language that every one is conversant/familiar with (ibid).

Every one has right to worship.  The aggressive nature of human beings has led them to look for employment in line with their profession.  Most employers don’t consider ones religion as a key factor when recruiting. It is more likely then to find an organization having people from divergent religion. When workers fail to appreciate this fact, it is most likely to advance to misunderstanding amongst them. It is thus important to understand and appreciate other people’s religion (work place, u.d.).

People are endowed with characters and habits. It is with regard that calls for people to understand other people mannerism including appearance and way of talking. People have been noted to exhibit likes and dislikes of certain mannerism. When such differences are not understood, tendency of misunderstanding can arise in an organization. This can be avoided when people take time to understand others limits as well as respecting and not going overboard (Ibid).

Divergent opinions and ideas are part of daily challenges. When having opinions different from one another, some people might feel unwanted and unappreciated. It is then important to have healthy discussions and always to have an open mind just incase our ideas fails to sail through (Josh, u.d).

In summary, people are brought up differently and learn a lot from their environment in the process of their upbringing. It will be of utmost important to understand others, in the best way possible by appreciating them even when they don’t come from the same cultural background. Since people naturally like being appreciated, we should strive to be ready to assist them meld in organization expectations professionally and tackle all barriers that might stand on the way of smooth operations and understanding.

Human Beings essay

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