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Based in the US, Expedia is the world’s largest online travel company. History indicates that Richard Barton, working with the Microsoft, founded Expedia in 1996, which he did through splitting from the co-company. Its headquarters is at Bellevue in Washington under the chairpersonship of Barry Diller (Campbell, 2002). The tourism sector is the company’s largest market. Apart from that, the company also serves the business people through advertising their products. In addition, Expedia distributes its services to the common travelers who would wish to journey within and to other countries for holidays and vacations. The company has up to date developed brands such as the online hotels travels.com, Hotwire, Expedia Corporate Travel (ECT) and the Egencia. These act as intermediate branches that help expand the company’s market.

Expedia encountered various challenges prior to its rise. For example, The French government fined the company in 2011, following allegations that the company was giving out false information on the website, concerning fares and vacant seats. Another challenge is the fierce, competitive forces from companies such as the Travelocity, American Express Company, Cendant Corporation, Hotwire, and the Priceline. The above companies are all struggling for the limited market and, thus, it is feared that Expedia may lose a certain number of its customers. Fox (2001) points out that the US is due to increase its rates on companies to around 16%, and this will affect the company’s net profits adversely. In addition, given that information is issued online, there is peril, faced by its customers. For example, lack of confidentiality and the misappropriation of information, a factor that has intimidated the agency’s market. Thus, Davis (2001) posits that the company is facing a serious challenge of losing most of its customers.

Over the years, Expedia has been marketing its products and reaching a variety of market through the World Wide Web. Formally written as expedia.com, Inc; the website ranks amongst the most active websites in the world. It is estimated that 44,000 visitors and about 246,960 page browsers visit the Expedia webpage in a day. The reasons behind its successful operations may include the salient features the page provides, when browsed. The site is designed in a refined way to facilitate laypersons to access and book flights easily. It is also elaborated by openly indicating the navigation links such that any new person will not have to struggle to get where they intend. Furthermore, the site has clearly posted hotels and flight booking information as well as discount packages links on its page. Besides that, the webpage is easily accessible anywhere and being fast no person gets the time wasted.

Aside from offering easy access of features, the website also offers crucial information to customers. In relation to this, it is the handy traveler’s tool, which gives the commuters easy and faster process in organizing their trips. For instance, the tool has the currency converter that eliminates the need for users to go to other websites, to convert and weigh the worth of their currencies. Furthermore, the site provides the link for signing in to access travelers’ deals, obtained via email. Fredricks (2005) points out that this provides a chance for the first customers to obtain high-discount packages and book the best available rooms or air flights available.

Fredricks (2005) also alludes that the website offers a preview to its customers, using the destination review information and recommendation tool. This feature contains information and pictures of hotels, restaurants, and beaches of other destination places. As such, travelers are able to preview their new destinations prior to their visit and will have an easier time to locate their places of visit due to the prior knowledge of the same. With these and many other attraction features, the company is able to reach a vast number of customers within the little time possible.

The website has resulted myriad merits to the company against other competitors. Firstly, the website acts as an advertisement tool. This has facilitated the expansion of the company’s market and a faster and cheaper transaction of its businesses. Secondly, the website has also reduced congestion that could emanate from queues at booking offices. More so, it has reduced the time and costs, spent by customers and service providers, in obtaining or giving the services and packages.

The website has in particular helped expand the company’s network. It has created partnership relations with hotel chains, airlines, Hilton International, and the Amadeus IT group. The Amadeus in particular will enable the company develop their technology in wireless communications and, therefore, enhance or rather expand Expedia’s communication services. In addition, the company, through its website, has been able to reach outstanding market opportunities such as Global market Travelers and the vast US Corporate Travel Market.

Fox (2001) stipulates that through online communication and operation, the future of Expedia is impressive. However, certain amendments and innovations have to be undertaken. For instance, a network channel through mobile appliances will enable those in remote areas and who do not have knowledge, concerning the internet to access the facilities. This is because most people utilize mobile phones to transact. The company should also establish its networks to other continents and countries. This is because the Expedia’s website is known by extremely few countries. They can do this through publishing it on social networks and advertising through other media. In addition, the website should encompass information about weather and captivating news in order to win against its competitors. With this and other innovative ideas put in place, there is no doubt that Expedia will flourish as the best online travelers’ website.

In conclusion, Expedia’s website is, indeed, one of the best websites worth browsing. It does not only make people travel safe and conveniently but also offers other essential resources.

Expedia essay

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