The Secret of the World Child and Linguistic Theories essay

The secrets of a wild child is a real story of an authoritative father who rocked away his child (genie) in a solitary confinement for a period of thirteen years .Genie  lived in a rocked room since the age of two years and under strict surveillance of her father who believed that he was protect her from the ' Dangerous world'. When Genie, her mother and elderly grandmother decided to seek assistance from the social welfare office in California in the year 1970, genie was already tiny, small and had a problem in her language.

According to Bowen Genie case is a perfect example of how people learn to speak, how they create their vocabularies and how the surrounding environment affects the growth of children. Conclusively it can be agreed that human beings ability to learn language and other aspect of life is high in the early ages of life. This ability drops as the person glows older and there reach a time when the human beings completely fail to learn any new language or words. Contrary against the some famous psychiatrist opinion, language learning is not an innate ability a person is born with. Environment in which a person or a child lives plays a considerable role in the person's life. For instance, although Genie was thirteen years, she was only able to alter hash words such as 'stupid' which her father used.

This instance shows that parents have a crucial role of helping children develop both physically, emotionally (Mordasini, p19). Language is a learned process and by locking Genie from the rest of the society, the father denied her child a chance to intermingle and learn language that is very crucial in the life of human beings. It should be agreed that all aspects of the child development occurs in early stages of life. This is shown when Genie fails to adapt to the new environment. Her reactionary behavior to the new environment and withdraw behavior from the rest of the members of the adopting families.

The Secret of the World Child and Linguistic Theories essay

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