Globalization and National Military Defence essay


In its broadest sense, globalization can be understood as integration of many nations into one unit characterized by some sense of free trade uncontrolled migration, and mobility of capital. Globalization makes things easy along social, political, and political spheres of everyday life of those who stay under this umbrella (Bitzinger, 2009, pp. 354). Closely examining globalization along security or defence spheres, it is evident that it has a role to play in this sector. This essay looks at how globalization affects national defence.


As a universal force, globalization creates a sense of interdependence and coerces nations to join the rising global force for mutual benefits. Globalization works against independence of actions and national objectives. According to Mott understanding, with globalization, there emerges a collection of diverse constituents each, though, exhibiting selfless intentions, have their own hidden agendas. Along this thought, we recognize the constant threat to security globalization causes. Malice such as transnational terrorism, piracy, cyber crime amongst many other vices is characteristic of a growing level of globalization. 

Globalization subjects individual nations into a state of alienation. With their interests focused on the global way of doing things, internal conflicts rise in the background. With the ease of movement from one nation to another, weapons easily find entry in to new places (Aydinli and Rosenau, 2006, pp. 212). Furthermore, the ease with which information can circulate implies that those willing to perpetrate acts of violence can easily conspire through globally linked communication networks to commit various acts of crimes (Kiggundu, 2002, pp. 178). This means that it makes it difficult to identify and pin point sources of these threats due to the permeability that globalization accords such vices.


In conclusion, it suffices to say that the term globalization does not only spell doom. It has positive effects. For instance, globalization provides a concerted effort it the fight against crime, in that due to a wide network of nations closely held by one common belief; creating a secure environment, national defence for the particular nations gets a major boost.

Globalization and National Military Defence essay

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