Analysis of Advertisement essay


Coach Inc  is a company that designs, produces and markets  leather related  products  that include prestigious unchanging traditional and classis  handbags, briefcases, footwear, accessories and wrist watches of different kinds and styles that satisfy different tastes and preferences of the diversified target market.  Pepper/Snapple on the other hand, is one of the largest soft drink producing companies after Coca cola and Pepsi, with over 50 brands released into the market some of which are 7Up, Motts, A&W, Sun Drop, Canada Dry and Lets Play.

Elements of Product Design and Differentiation

In the advertisement, the aspect of product design has featured strongly to emphasize the different and unique styles of the products manufactured. It is noted that there are both classically and traditionally designed products made available to the customers, thus giving a wide range of selection list depending on the preferences of the customers. Product differentiation has also been outlined in the advertisement, to explain the different types of leather products, that ranges from leather wallets, women purses, briefcases, jewelry, clothing, accessories and wrist watches that meets the demand of the target market. This same strategy has been employed by Pepper/Snapple that has different types of brands like 7Up, Motts, A &W, Sun Drop, Canada Dry and Lets Ply with different tastes and flavor, to satisfy the diversified customer tastes. This makes Coach Inc and Pepper/Snapple a one stop shop for all the leather products and the soft drink customers from all demographic sub set.

Aspects of Consumer Decision Making

The company has also considered the cultural aspect in the advertisement, one aspects being value. Due to the availability of different products of superior quality, customers are assured of receiving value for their money from the products they purchase. Couch Inc products are as well preferred by many, owing to the uniquesness of the products and have built positive brands name. The preferred brand names appeals to many more potential customers due to the positive attitude the products command from already loyal customers. This is also evidenced by the A& W brand for Pepper/Snapple that was associated with high social class type of customers.

The advertisement also takes into account the customs of the people by producing traditional, conservative elegance styles of goods through craftsmanship and different flavor in the case of Pepper/Snapple, which matches the tastes of the customers. This advertisement gives customers an assurance that there are a variety of products that matches all their diversified needs including for the classical goods as well. Couch products also matches all social class by providing goods that can be purchased across the social strata. There are products that are high priced and those that are moderately priced and this gives room for customers to order what economically favors them, those who want to buy the expensive or cheap ones are not locked out. 

The advert has also covered the social aspect of the society by making it clear that there are products that can be consumed by all reference groups found in the society, either based on gender, age, interests, families or friends,  to ensure that the products satisfies the needs of all demographic groups plus all personalities.

Finally the advertisement offers hope encouragement and psychological influence to the customers to enjoy the benefit of value of the Couch products.  The loyal customers are motivated to continue enjoying the benefits of the unique products and at the same time encourage the change of attitude and perceptions of the potential customers who have not made up their mind to as well do by challenging them that all the answers for their questions will fully be addressed by the products.

Types of Marketing Strategies used

  1. People marketing; this is where companies use their employees to market their products.  Couch Inc for example pays their employees higher wages than rates paid in other factories by more than a dollar. This made Couch enjoy excellent labor relations with their workers, and finally made them manufacture a stable flow of Coach Products. At the same time, Couch Inc and Dr Pepper Snapple use their loyal customers to market the benefit of the products to other potential customers who finally try to derive the same benefits from the products.
  2. Place marketing; this refers to the means through which your customers reach your product. It involves the actual place the product is purchased that may include the shop, web page, warehouse, telephone. Place marketing also includes the channels of distribution which are well defined for the case of the two companies, for example, in 1980s, Couch diversified their channels of distribution by starting a mail order business and distribution stores.
  3. Event marketing; this is the organizing of events or participating in conferences and trade unions to display the quality and unique products and at the same time selling the benefits of these products to potential customers.
  4. Idea Marketing; this is where a company sells to another company an idea that can make the receiving company succeed in their venture. It provides one with original prompt service which transforming your idea to market. Couch and Pepper Snapple in their expertise offers guidance to other companies and at the same time promote their products which are as a result of their same knowledge.

Analysis of Advertisement essay

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