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Students looking to buy custom online essay and paper products, have thousands of options on the web. At, we certainly realize that students are very budget-conscious, as they look for professional essay writing service that can also provide exactly what they need. While a cheap price essay service may be attractive on the surface, students must look beyond the price to the actual quality of that service and the products it delivers.

Far more important than money is the quality of writing products produced by a writing services company. If students focus only on a cheap essay price, they will buy essay writing that is of poor quality and probably plagiarized. Low prices mean that professional writers are not producing the work, because professional writers require higher pay than the $9 or $10 per page that these services charge. What they actually deliver are works that have been taken from free essay databases, re-worked, possibly re-worked somewhat by poor students in a third-world country, and then advertised as new, original pieces. To receive help essay works of these types is to court disaster. has a totally different approach, because we are a writing services company that places quality ahead of price. When a student chooses to buy an essay or other academic writing products from us, we analyze the need, fix a price based upon that need, and then assign a professional writer to produce that work from scratch. Services writing companies that do not do this are frauds.

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Here’s what sets above the others and why students may pay a bit more but, as a result, receive academic writing that is original, perfectly done, and ready to be submitted for an outstanding grade.

  1. No piece is written until it is ordered. This means that our essay service can guarantee originality and can back it up with a free plagiarism report
  2. Our writers have confirmed degrees and credentials that qualify them to write in the content fields and at the academic levels we assign.
  3. Our services writing company subscribes to the top online libraries, so that our writers have access to the current and most relevant resource materials, in order to conduct their research, whether it is for a high school term paper or a Ph.D. dissertation.
  4. Our clients can order any type of academic writing with their confidentiality guaranteed and with the confidence that their product will never be reproduced for or sold to another.
  5. We also provide help essay writing by reviewing and editing works that students have written, in order to correct structural and grammatical errors and to polish the entire piece.
  6. We communicate with our clients in many ways.  First, we establish a means by which the client may contact his/her writer directly; second, we maintain a customer service department that is open around the clock to answer questions and address any concerns.  Most other essay writing service companies cannot offer this because there are no writers and no customer service personnel.

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As a comprehensive essay service, provides academic writing for students in high school, undergraduate colleges and universities, and in graduate and professional schools. We produce basic essays, term and research papers, case studies, research projects, reviews and analyses, lab reports, admissions essays, theses and dissertations, and any other written assignment one may be given. 

To produce all of this variety of type and level, we have writers with Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in their chosen fields that have years of experience in academic writing, research, and who can utilize any format style that may be requested. It has taken us a long time to acquire this huge cadre of writers and we regularly add more, as subject fields evolve.

We know that we are the single essay service to serve the needs of any student, no matter how unique or complex it may be. Contact us today, and let’s begin a long, productive relationship.