Effective Care Plans for the Modern Nurse

Despite the fact that in the present-day healthcare community, nurses encounter significant difficulties, the nursing protocol remains the same in its essence. The care plans are delivered from one nurse to another since they are aimed to ensure the patient`s safety as it is the primary nurse`s goal. However, over time, the methods of delivery, as well as the content of the care plans for the modern nurse were advanced and improved. The modern technologies made it possible to deliver the important messages using the technologically safe methods and tools such as the computer boards and computers.

As well as the flight board in the airports, the nursing care plan should include the information that will be vitally important for the patient`s treatment. This information may include the details of the family history, the health history, the eating habits, the level of social activity, and many others. Rather than informing one nurse about the current state of health of a particular patient, a nursing care plan will inform all nurses about the current status of the patient. By transporting the nursing care plans manually, there is a huge possibility that some information will be lost. However, the use of the modern technologies in transferring the information guarantees that every patient will get appropriate treatment in the clinic.

Gradually, the modern healthcare community goes “online.” All medical documents can be found in the computerized form, which is very convenient for all medical workers. This enables the nurses and doctors to find the necessary information in case the situation demands without cluttering hundreds of unnecessary documents as it was previously. Typically, the major part of these documents in all hospitals and clinics is the patients` histories, however, the care plans for the modern nurses are also the equally important part of the documentation. As such, instead of relying on the old methods of the organization of documentation, the nurses decided to rely on computers, which was a particularly smart decision.

The fundamental goal of every nurse is ensuring the best treatment and care for the patient whereas a nursing plan is a particularly important instrument for fulfilling this goal. Undoubtedly, patients trust their lives to doctors and nurses and they want to know that their health is in safe and professional hands. In general, it can be said that nursing care plans serve as the guarantee that patient`s safety will become the top priority for the nurse and each nursing care plan format can serve as the proof.

Most TV shows portray nurses and doctors as the particularly active people, who are ready to assist the patient whenever he/she needs assistance. As a result, most people do not understand the real situation in which the doctors are overwhelmed by the tasks and duties, and cannot dedicate equally much attention to every single patient. As such, people believe only in the image that the Hollywood producers have been painted for years. For instance, in Grey`s Anatomy, the doctors run to the patient in case of any single alarm and the particular doctors are usually assigned to particular patients. However, in real life, it is the nurse, who is assigned to the patient and one will never notice a doctor sitting at the bad of the patient for the whole night taking care of him/her. Paradoxically, but in these TV shows, nurses are very rarely significant figures.

Most care plans for the modern nurse are written to facilitate the process of tracking the changes with the patient`s health, though more and more hospitals want to improve the protocols so that the nurses could receive more opportunities. Watching the TV shows, it may seem that the hospitals and clinics do not have the clearly organized system; otherwise, there would not be so many funny or weird accidents happening in accordance with the scenario. However, in real life, most nurses have to be very self-organized to be able to provide their patients with the necessary care and support. The nursing staff is the backbone of the hospital and every mistake or inconsistency in its work may negatively influence many other people. Indeed, watching the nursing care plans examples, it is hard to believe that every nurse has so many tasks to do daily. In most cases, doctors do not directly contact the patients, do not perform the follow-up care, or ensure that the patient takes medications in time. All these duties are on the nurses` shoulders.

Whereas the nursing care plans are not mentioned in the TV shows, they are the vitally important part of nurses` work. These plans serve for the appropriate providing the patients with the continuing care. At the same time, speaking about the American TV shows, it is obvious that nurses do not receive the recognition that they reasonably deserve. Therefore, it is imperative to keep the audience informed about the hard work of nurses, as well as the tasks, they commit every day to ensure the decent level of patients` treatment.

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