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It is known that a dissertation abstract is a crucial part of a dissertation, which emphasizes all major points analyzed in the dissertation. It helps the audience to immerse into the content and understand the overall scope of writing. This part is usually written at the very beginning of the entire paper. Its length depends on the overall length of the dissertation and may vary from 200 to 350 words. The fundamental purpose of the abstract is to give a “snap shot” to the reader.

It can be compared with the summary, which describes the overall scope of problems that will be analyzed further. Usually, the students use future tense when writing an abstract. If you experience some difficulties with writing your abstract, feel free to read our article and you will learn the effective secrets, which would help you to transform into a professional dissertation writer.


How to Prepare a Good Dissertation Abstract

One of the most effective ways of writing a good abstract is to read several peer-reviewed articles and understand the key peculiarities of abstract writing. For this purpose, read all the articles, you are going to use in writing your dissertation as reading them, try to answer the following questions.

When reading try to answer the following questions

Be sure to write an approximately 50-words answer to every this question. The text of these answers will serve as a rough draft of your abstract. Polish it and fix all grammar and mechanical errors. Moreover, write a one-sentence introduction and one-sentence conclusion summarizing the abovementioned points. Voila! You know how to write a good abstract!

Two Types of Dissertation Abstracts

  • Descriptive abstract. Such an abstract informs the readers about the main parts of the dissertation including the purpose, scope of the dissertation, the methods used. It does not include information about results, recommendations, and conclusion since these things are the inevitable attributes of the informative abstract. The fundamental purpose is to introduce the dissertation topic to the audience.
  • Informative abstract. Such an abstract introduces the specific information from the dissertation to the reader. This information may include but is not limited to dissertation results, recommendations, and conclusion. Considering that it is an abstract, these items should not be too long. As for the length, the informative abstract should take approximately 10% of the overall length of the paper.

What Are the Main Components of a Good Abstract?

The student should realize that any abstract is the instrument for finding the article in the database. When people want to find a certain article, they type the keywords related to the topic they search, and the search engine offers them the articles and dissertations. Therefore, there should be the important keywords in the abstract, which would facilitate the searching process.

A good abstract is always a coherent, unified, and concise paragraph that does not consist of the unnecessary information and is not overburdened with the meaningless details. A good abstract will strictly follow the chronology of the dissertation and provide the logical transitions. Along with presenting all the necessary concepts, it should be clear to the wide audience.

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Some students prefer writing the abstract after the whole dissertation is written. It is also a good option, which includes several steps.

  1. First and foremost, read the whole dissertation from the very beginning till the end. Check its key parts such as the introduction, methodology, literature review, results, recommendations, and conclusion specifically.
  2. Use the headings and subheadings as a guide for writing your abstract. If you are writing the abstract for a dissertation of another person, feel free to read its introduction and summary since these parts will give you a brief overview of the writer`s ideas.
  3. When writing the abstract, you should remember that it is not about just copy-pasting the most important sentences in your dissertation. This approach is incorrect since your abstract will appear too long. The abstract should contain not the important sentences, but the ones, which point out to the theoretical and practical value of the research.
  4. Revising the draft is an equally important aspect that helps avoid the grammar mistakes and spelling errors, as well as check if there are the appropriate transitions. Also, it is a good idea to read your abstract aloud for several times to check if it is able to catch the reader`s attention.

To summarize, undoubtedly, writing a good abstract is not an easy task to do. We assure you that following the steps presented in this article and practicing constantly, you will be able to create the abstract that will impress the most demanding audience. Do not be afraid of experiments! We assure you that getting a positive grade for a dissertation is easier than it may seem.

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