Discursive essays are the essays which are written by the students to show their opinion and presentation on a particular topic. Here the writer presents his opinion for a particular topic. The tutors assign this topic to test the student’s knowledge on a particular subject and how well does he comprehends a particular topic. This type of essay also checks the writing skills of the students. This provides a balanced comprehension of the overall knowledge of the student.

Discursive essay always follow the set of particular rules and students should follow them to get good results and to write the discursive essays at par with excellence. The structure of discursive essays always follows the same pattern. It starts with the introduction of the topic where the writer clearly presents the topic. In this he explains what matter he has to present. The good introduction interests the reader and always builds a curiosity to read the essay further on. Then follows the main body of the discursive essay. The main body has several paragraphs which explain the functions and utilities of the topic. Here the writer of the discursive essay presents a particular point of problem along with several illustrations. He also justifies his motion for which he is writing for and presents his point of view to convince the readers with his views. Then the conclusion part follows which provides the main summary of the essay. Here the writer concludes the essay and gives his final opinion.

Various Types of Discursive Essays

Opinion essays are the essays which supports a particular motion which is for or against a particular topic. Here the writer gives his views and also support the statement opposing the topic. Here the main task of the writer is to convince the reader with his point of view.

Then there is for and against type of essay. Here the writer considers the topic from various points of view. He presents the views in both for and against a particular topic. The writer has to present the justifications along with several examples and illustrations to convince the reader. The writer also gives his personal opinion and reasons for which he is presenting that opinion.

Then there are various essays which provide the solutions for a particular topic. It enables the readers to go through extensive problem solving techniques provided by the writer. Here the writer also provides the consequences and the results of various solutions provided by him.

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