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If you run a search for cheap essays or cheap essay writing service providers, you will probably get plenty results.  This means that there are lots of online providers offering such services, but how many are genuine? So, the perplexing question facing students is how to determine which ones are professional writing services and which ones are not. The sad fact is that many are fraudulent companies with only a handful providing a genuinely cheap custom essay writing service. Here, we offer some advice to students on how to distinguish between reliable and unreliable cheap essay service providers.

In the first instance, let us determine what is meant by the term, cheap essays. In essence, it means a fair price for each written page and, where cheap essay writing companies are concerned, many charge the same price per page. It is worth doing a comparison of custom essay sites. Find out which custom essay writing service providers have exorbitantly high rates and which ones offer exceedingly low rates. Service providers with high prices are probably exploiting students who have become loyal and dependent on them, so they continually return to buy more college essays. Providers who offer exceedingly cheap essays are probably doing so to attract customers, but often they deliver poor quality, which is reflected in the price.

A telling aspect of a trustworthy cheap essay writing service is that it will offer a money-back guarantee, which you can avail of if needs be. There are a couple of reasons that may prompt you to ask for a full or part refund. Firstly, if the custom writing provider misses your deadline, you may want a refund because, once college essays have passed their due date, your tutor may not accept them. If this happens, a trustworthy provider should offer you a refund. Secondly, you may want to request a refund if the writing company delivers an essay that does not meet the requirements you set out in the online order form and is, therefore, irrelevant and unsuitable for handing in. Again, in such circumstances, professional writing servicesshould not delay in either rewriting the essay, if there is time, or offering you a refund.

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A Word about the Writers who Provide Our Cheap Essay Writing Service 

Our writers are mostly freelancers, who have undergone our strict vetting process. To start with, they must be able to prove their academic qualifications and, hence, their legitimacy to offer help with essay writing. Then, we require them to provide original writing samples to enable us to evaluate their writing and linguistic abilities. In the main, we look for Bachelor, Master’s and PhD level degrees and, based on these, we can match the customer’s educational level with that of the most suitably qualified writer in the most appropriate field of study. So, for instance, a graduate assignment will be allocated to a PhD-qualified writer with expertise in the same field of study as the student’s to get the best essay results.

Our writers only start work on an assignment once it has been allocated to them. This is a means of ensuring that work is not sourced from any online database of pre-written papers. Furthermore, our professional editors review each piece of completed custom work for authenticity and it is scanned by our sophisticated plagiarism detection system before being dispatched to the client. This assurance is backed by a no-quibble guarantee.

The majority of our academic writers speak native English and mostly hail from Australia, Canada, the UK or the USA. We tend not to recruit writers from non-native English speaking countries, although many of them are highly educated and qualified, unless they have fully mastered the English language because we cannot guarantee grammar-free texts. And we do not have the resources to do substantial corrective work, which would make our custom services more expensive. In turn, this would not enable us to provide a high-quality, low-cost help with essay writing. So, when you buy our essays online, you can expect the very best essay that is fully ready to hand to your tutor, which is our uncompromising promise.