Parties Never Make Teetotalers Lose Money Hand over Fist

Being an abstainer is pretty saving for a student’s budget. Have you ever given a thought to this simple idea? It is absolutely true that attending parties and not hitting the bottle makes you economize a great deal of money. Well, it does affect one’s expenses but to what extent? Judging from my own experience, I would like...

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Top Ten List of Student Loan Forgiveness Programs

How often are you dreaming that all your student loans just vanish? Quite often, I bet. Well, there is no way that you simply snap your fingers and the whole debt will disappear magically, but there are some alternatives that can get it forgiven. These are named student loan solutions. To be more precise, there is plenty of various student loan ...

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Things to Do Before You Go to College

College preparations are all consuming - once you graduate from high school, your mind will be invaded by serious thoughts about the year to come. Whether you are frantic with worry or just itching to pack your suitcases and leave the parents' house, there is one more thing you should not miss - summer. Remember how you used to wait for it back ...

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College Professors Types

Many students state that college – is the best thing happened to them. However, others claim that it was their worst life experience. Why are there so polar thoughts among students? What are the reasons? How to meet desirable education results and spend a good time? This article aims to answer all these questions! We are going to talk abou...

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College Lifestyle and its Impact on Future

How will your life at college differ from the life you have? There are some sharp differences between a happy-go-lucky kid and a conscientious adult, whereas a college student is an interim stage. The first and foremost thing that springs to mind is performing household chores on a daily basis without fail. It is not over yet as you are in a nee...

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