Here we will tell you about Stephen Downes' Rules which are related to success, particularly the ways how to be successful. This advice is something you can put into practice right now; keep on reading because we do have what to say. The suggested list below raises issues that everyone can start to learn with no difference in age or status. Anyone can do that if they want to be successful.

1. You need to learn how to predict consequences

Every time a true disaster happens we tend to say, "I’ve never thought..." Of course, we have never thought, we haven’t been taught how to predict consequences at schools. Let’s be honest, almost everyone is bad at predicting consequences.

The prediction of consequences concerns mathematics, science, and visualization. It goes about creating a mental model imaging the range of events with the following question, “What would likely happen if...?"

The situation like this is rather dangerous as you concentrate entirely on what you’d like to happen and completely forget about what might happen instead. That’s the trouble. It’s like you are going to climb the mountain, and you visualize yourself on the top, but you definitely should imagine another scenario, in case you’ll stop climbing somewhere midway. No one says that visualization is bad, no, no way. It’s good to imagine the moment you’ve succeeded, but mind not to forget that you might stop, don’t forget that option.

We tend to ask ourselves, “What would happen then?”

That’s exactly where the science and math are presented. It looks like a comparison of the past experience with the current state or situation when you have to calculate the probabilities of various outcomes. If we come back to our peak, we should ask ourselves, “How many times have I successfully conquered that mountain? How many times have I stopped somewhere halfway?” Do you find these simple questions hard ones? Then you definitely need to clear things up.

We don’t tend to think ahead, but we should. It’s impossible to become an expert in any field with no practice. Learn to ask yourself, "What will happen next?” make it a habit, take every situation as one more opportunity to become a real pro at predicting consequences. Force yourself to think ahead, you need it for sure.


2. You need to learn how to read

We are not telling here about "literacy" as it is, it’s more about how to look at some text and to get properly what is being stated (this also concerns video and audio).

Argument, description, explanation, and definition are the main types of writing which you need to learn to identify. How to do this? All you need is to learn to notice keywords or indicators.


The next step to follow is sentences; you have to learn the way the sentences are joined together in order to build these four types of writing. For example, if we look at an argument, it will be provided with two main parts, a conclusion, and premise. The conclusion can be indicated by the words like "so," "consequently," or "therefore," which the author used to convey his/her point of view.


Wasted words are a common problem for most writings. They are meant to create a better impression of the author, to grab your attention, or simply to fill more space. What a precious skill is the ability to go over all unnecessary details and understand exactly what is actually being said.


3. You need to be empathetic

Every person is unique, and almost everyone lives in his/her own world, nothing new, we all know that. But we should at least admit that there are other people around us, no matter how deeply we might be hidden in our shelters. Why should you do that will you ask? This will save you from the mistaken thought that everyone else is like you. Yes, people live in their own world, but for God’s sake, everyone does! Try to mind other people, let yourself to reveal another world which might be an unexpected source for you full of new insight and knowledge.


This whole thing implies that you put yourself in the position of others. Undoubtedly, people might see everything differently, and even the most obvious thing for you ever might stay a complete mystery for them, it’s totally okay. The amazing thing is how these distinctions between you and others might change the way you perceive the world and everyone around you.

There is a saying which I do like, don’t judge me before you walk in my shoes. We aren’t able to recognize how other people feel and what they feel indeed; we aren’t an x-ray, so let’s respect the others’ feelings and thoughts. And before claiming that someone isn’t as good as we’ve expected them to be, let’s figure out what if there are significant reasons we have no clue about. Instead of judging straightaway, imagine yourself the other person, walk their shoes. It helps, really, believe or not.

Being empathetic, you are desperately seeking out the ways how the gap between you and another person can be reduced. While working on this, you’ll try to be more considerate and polite.


4. You need to be creative

You may say that creativity has nothing in common with you, but you are mistaken. Every human being is already creative in some way. Our human mind is created with a natural capacity to be creative.

Some of us believe that creativity is something that springs out from nothing. But have you ever wondered that creative ideas are the output of your knowledge which is used and manipulated in certain ways?

It isn’t said about the genuine creativity, which everyone always puts as an excuse for doing something bad or doing nothing at all. Creativity always arises as an answer to a specific trouble: how to hang laundry, rescue a kitten. Your creativity starts once you start learning to find solutions for the problems. Every single solution, which you’ve found, is a sign of your creativity.

Creativity, suggests "thinking outside the box." In other words, it’s all about your learning process, what your answer will be at the end of the day. It’s essential to find a common dominator, one that concerns your current situation and other things you know. Now, just imagine for a moment, how creative your everyday life is taking into account that fact.


5. You need to stay healthy

When it comes to your health, it’s actually about two major components which are the maintenance of the physical body and minimizing the risks of toxins or disease.

Cutting the risks of toxins and disease mostly depends on a matter of order and cleanliness. When you have no problems with cooking food completely and cleaning cooking surfaces, you the same way minimize the risk of bacterial contamination.

The most important probably is your personal maintenance, as the main threats to health are usually the ones that are connected with physical deterioration. Proper exercise and nutrition are with no doubt of a great significance. Haven’t you dreamed all your life of being a health freak? No one has! But still, you shouldn’t ignore some basic rules that improve our health.

Seek any possible activity, whether it’s cycling or just walking. You need to be active every day, make it a habit to consume at least one meal that is "beneficialfor you" (something which combines minerals and proteins). Remember that your health is your own business; make sure you are dealing it properly.


6.You need to value yourself

You might have never counted the frequency of feeling bad about yourself just because the society has forced you to see yourself that way. Each advertiser desperately makes you feel bad just because they want you to buy their product. I bet they’ll sell their mother in the order you’ll buy the stuff they are promoting. However, it’s not enough, even your good acquaintance or your friend might want to make you doubt your value in the order they see their own interests. To be honest, I won’t call such person a friend. But we should admit that it does happen, and pretty common.

A tremendous thing, you might have all the skills and knowledge in the world, but they mean nothing if you don’t feel you can use them; it’s like you are lying on the beach and have a sun umbrella, but you aren’t ready or are afraid to open it. You are on the beach, it’s hot, and your sun umbrella is with you, but it’s in your car but not where it’s supposed to be. Do you feel the difference? I’m sure you do!

It should be said that valuing yourself isn’t something we are born with, no, unfortunately or fortunately, not. It’s something we should develop and work on constantly, day by day. Make it an everyday habit to say "I am valuable." And if anyone doubts that, spit in their face!

If you do want to feel you are worth valuing, change yourself, improve, strive for the best person you could ever be, and keep in mind that valuing yourself and personal development is a matter of choice!

When someone doubts your worthless and continues doing that even after you’ve spit in their face, wish them well. How you think of yourself matters, nothing else! Never let someone say you are worthless. You know you’re worthless better than anyone else, don’t you? Believe in yourself and keep saying "I am valuable." even if it seems you have some doubts.

What is it to value yourself?

But what does it mean to value yourself? This implies that you believe that you are good enough to have an opinion and a voice, your capability and creativity is never doubted. It’s your power of independence because you are independent, you don’t need to rely on somebody or something for your well-being. You are capable to make your own decisions and live the life the way you want.


7. You need to live meaningfully

This one may turn out to be the hardest one from the list to learn.

To live meaningfully basically means a combination of several things. It’s your dedication to some goal or purpose on the one hand, and also your dedication and appreciation to now and here on the other. And the last point is related to your realization in this world, your meaningfulness, which suggests that you are the one who must create this meaningfulness for yourself.

You might be surprised but too many of us lead a completely meaningless life, they actually live for no reason at all. Seeking how to make more and more money, seeking fame and power they are doomed to find their lives meaningless and empty, with no matter whether or not they achieve those objectives. These people mistakenly believe that fame, money, and power are the things that are worth doing. These poor creatures have no idea what is actually worth doing.

What is worth doing?

In determining what is worth doing, it should be mentioned that it’s up to you. It’s your choice and vision what is truly worth to dedicate your life to; there is no need to worry if you aren’t sure still for 100 percent what your meaningful life looks like for you personally. It may take some time, so be patient. While you are seeking, it’s totally okay to have some doubts and uncertainties.

As soon as you realize you are empowered to decide what you are doing, you understand you are empowered to decide what the consequences will be. You should be aware that consequences, whether they are good or bad ones, are the same matter of your choice.

We do hope you’ll find this article meaningful and worth your time, as we do want to tell you something that will bring a new meaning to your life!