“I’m tired all the time…” “Why am I so weak?” “Why am I so moody?” How often do you ask these questions? If you do it pretty much every day, you need to know why you always wake up tired and feel exhausted during the day. Most likely, you think that you feel this way because you need to eat better or get more sleep. However, very often there are other reasons to it, and, most likely, you have no idea about them. Read on to learn how to overcome your self-image of a tired college student and finally feel great and full of power!

Why You Feel Tired

  • You do not get up early enough. I know that you have always thought that you need to sleep more to get rest. But in fact, it often goes another way around: you feel tired when you sleep too much or fail to wake up early. So the best way out of it is to turn off your snooze button completely. Getting up the moment you wake up instead of sleeping till the last minute, you give yourself more time to prepare for a new day and decrease your stress.
  • You communicate with toxic people. Are there people you know who complain a lot? Whether these are your friends or colleagues, you might want to think how to communicate less with them. With their whining behavior, they drain your energy. So it is going to be better for you to find the friends who will have a more positive impact on you. You will see how communication with these people will change the way you feel and see the world.
  • You do not have sex often enough. Are you saying now, “Nah, I’m tired and don’t want to have sex”? Actually, if you had it more often, maybe you wouldn’t be always wake up tired. When you experience orgasm, certain hormones produce in your body that make you more energized. Try it next time you feel weary again. 
  • You need more magnesium. Magnesium is the best mineral for your energy state. If you eat enough of it, your sleep becomes more effective, you fall asleep faster, and feel more energized during the day. So make sure that you have enough of it in your diet. For example, seeds, nuts, avocados, leafy greens, and beans are rich in magnesium. If necessary, think of taking mineral supplements. But it is better to consult with your physician before you do it.
  • You have a bad job. Think about the job you have at the moment. Do you enjoy doing it? Or is it draining your energy like crazy? If the second option is true for you, you might want to think about changing your job. If you find a better place to work and a more enjoyable thing to do, you will sleep better, reduce your stress, and feel more energy. Numerous studies have already proved this fact, so you better listen to science.
  • You are not physically active. Again, you might think that physical activity is something that reduces your energy level, but it is not true. If you engage in regular physical exercise, your sleep quality increases, your stress level reduces, and your energy reaches its peak. We are not talking about running all day long. Give only 150 minutes per week to moderate physical activity, and you will see the result very soon.
  • You need to get more sunlight. Natural sunlight is one of the best sources of energy for all of us. The perfect option is to get one or two hours of sunlight every day. It is possible, even if it seems otherwise at first. Remember the previous point and combine the two recommendations: have some physical activity outside. It can be jogging, gardening, or just a plain walk in a park. Anything you like. The result of it will be increased energy and boosted ability to resist infections.
  • There is too much stress in your life. Take a look at your life in a larger perspective. Is there too much stress? Is there anything you can do to reduce it? Keep in mind that if you learn to decrease your stress level by yourself, you will feel more energy and solve all your problems much quicker and more effectively.
  • You need to rearrange your bedroom. How does your bedroom look like? Is it a mess full of scattered shoes, clothes, papers, and everything else? Then it is no wonder that you cannot sleep well there and always wake up tired. See, your surroundings affect you much more than you think. When you are in a messy place, you cannot think straight. And when you are in a clean and comfortable place, you can get rest and do everything you need. Isn’t it a good reason to finally tidy up and make it a habit? 
  • You have a bad diet. Do you eat a lot of high-carb foods, such as fries, burgers, white rice, bread, and pasta? If you do, it can be a reason you always feel tired. Replace these products with lean proteins, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. They will give you necessary vitamins and minerals and significantly increase your energy levels. Also, do not forget about drinking a lot of water. Proper hydration is very important.
  • You might have an auto-immune disorder. If you follow all the above- mentioned recommendations and nothing helps, you might want to look deeper. Sometimes, constant fatigue can turn out to be a sign of an auto-immune disorder. If these disorders go untreated, they can lead to much more serious issues. So if you always feel tired, better consult with your physician and see if you have any problems you do not know about.