No matter how terrifying the following fact will seem to you, admit it as the bitter and harsh reality. An average hiring manager spends on reading a resume from 15 to 30 seconds. Can you imagine how they are reading it? The word “skimming” better illustrates this situation. After these seconds, a hiring manager decides whether to answer “yes” or “no” to the candidate. What is more, some may say that scanning a resume can be done in fewer than 6 seconds. The reason for making this example is quite simple: do you understand now how brilliant and polished your resume should be? Despite being a seasoned and qualified professional, do you know how to catch the hiring manager’s attention?

Do not be scared and find out how to receive a positive answer. The following 10 tricks will be handy in creating the content of your CV and formatting it. Do not consider them to be merely resume tips for students, everyone can benefit from reading and applying them.

List of Brilliant Tips for Perfect Resume

  1. Clean and Organized

The Founder of JumpStartResume Casey Carr-Jones underlines the value of clean lines and structure. If your resume resembles a mess or is a chaotic mixture of various incoherent sentences, it goes to the “no” pile with a doubt.

  1. Adjust Your Resume to the Desired Position

Casey Carr-Jones could not imagine a worse situation than receiving a resume written for applying for another position or even another company. In case a hiring manager notices any mismatches between the information provided by you and their company, your magnificent piece of writing goes to “no” pile in a second. While compiling a resume, make sure you know which style is more preferable, corporate or creative. If you already have a resume and do not want to spend much time on tailoring a new one, then simply edit it according to the requirements.

  1. Keep Your Resume Current

Imprint on your memory to update your CV at least once per year. It does not actually matter whether you are going to quit your job and find something else or not. According to Carr-Jones, some people scramble to keep their resumes current or edit five minutes before sending. The question then arises of their true interest and yearning for that position. What you need to do is to plan ahead and revise your resume constantly.

  1. Do Not Be Modest to Show Ooff

The structure of the resume is your perfect assistant. Organize your qualities and qualifications in such a way that they grab the reader’s attention in the very first 10 seconds. Carr-Jones states that you are strongly encouraged to mention transferable skills and experience in order to show how fast you will learn. What is more, devote special attention to the job posting’s terminology and ensure to implement it in your resume and covering letter.

  1. Enlist a Fresh Look

Day by day, month by month, year by year, you will stare at the same page with almost the same data. Frankly speaking, with the flow of time, you will be unable to notice any flaws or faults. A piece of advice given by Casey Carr-Jones is obvious yet sensible. Ask your friend or relative for a favor and give them your resume for proofreading. Furthermore, encourage them to not only correct any grammar or spelling mistakes but also to share their personal opinion on the content.

  1. Hard Numbers

It is no secret that each company is interested in saving money. Your primary purpose is to hit the hiring managers with hard numbers and kindle the spark of interest in them. Mark Rubick, a Cincinnati-based Regional Developer with Practice & Associates, argues that you need to give a reason to interview you in the first 15 seconds, which he needs to check your resume. The quantifiable numbers will come to your aid, as well as your conversion rate, so do not forget to include them in your CV.

  1. Make Your Resume Unique and “Spice It Up”.

It is not that hard as it might seem. Your resume should not be a simple one-page document with some years and numbers. Jon Ryder, who is working as a graphic designer, insists that your CV should be compiled in a creative way. Your task is to create something memorable, something that could not be simply thrown away, or something that will be kept for a few days longer than other resumes that go directly to the drawer. Bear in mind that this bit of advice is merely applicable to the creative field but not bankers or lawyers.

  1. Job Description is Number One Advisor

If something is mentioned in the job description, it should be mirrored it the resume. First and foremost, it will serve as a keyword optimization. Second, it will show a recruiter that you devoted some time to tailor your resume according to the company’s requirements. Third, if you use your current position to list the responsibilities mentioned in the job description, a recruiter will be definitely looking through your resume longer. The fact that your current responsibilities match with the required ones will not be missed.

  1. Easter Eggs

Reading almost identical resumes for hours and hours is a tedious procedure. Try to pop in some so-called “Easter eggs” – interesting facts about your current position, hobby, or office life. Making a notable example, you can hide something like “Crushed the office highest score in ***” between your budgeting experience and project management. Some people intentionally include some interests the hiring manager shares. Actually, the sky is the limit. Just make sure that everything you mention is appropriate for the job you are applying for.

  1. Template

Do not be white, black, and boring while compiling your CV. Play with design and layout, add some colors, and change the header. Make sure to create a traditional resume in terms of information and a unique one in terms of design. Look thorough 2018 resume trends and choose the one, which appeals to you. The only point that matters is to keep your resume readable.