The Essence of the Literary Work

A literary work of art is a kind of art in the narrow sense of the term, acting as a form of social consciousness. As well as all art in general, a work of art is represented by the expression of a certain emotional and mental content, a certain ideological and emotional complex in a figurative, aesthetically significant form. A work of ar...

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The Best Christmas Horror Movies

Most people associate Christmas with good and funny movies. However, there are many pictures that will delight fans of horror. Here is a list of the frightening Christmas movies. BLACK CHRISTMAS 1974 The film is directed by Bob Clark and released in Canada. At one time, it did not attract much attention, but now it is considere...

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Useful Tips on How to Write a Film Review

Watching movies is your passion. You eagerly wait for the first run of every coming movie and cannot breathe at the most engrossing moments. You are all into perceiving and taking to pieces the tricks and the most puzzling story arcs. When gather together, you and your friends feel like discussing the latest news in the world of cinematography a...

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Books about Mental Health

The topic of mental health is always on the front burner. Many films and books about people who live in their own amazing reality have been created. Regardless of whether you are an expert in psychology or just a penchant for fiction, you will like this collection of books on mental health. (Don't) Call Me Crazy by Kelly Jensen ...

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What to Do If You Lose Your Phone While Travelling

Thousands of people tend to lose their gadgets on the road and the number doesn’t seem to be decreasing. One traveler, known as Logan Albott, the CEO of a cellphone calling plans company is not an exception. You may think that as a person, who is an insider to the industry, he could have prevented the loss. But preventing the loss is not a...

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