Can’t stand endless attempts to fall asleep having no idea when was the last time you had a proper sleep? No matter whom you are a student, a businessman, or just a person with a stressful job; you need a good quality sleep. If every two hours before your bedtime has already become a total disaster for you, don’t bother that’s a pretty common thing. You are definitely not alone here in the hell which I’d call the worst hour or two before I make it and finally fall asleep.

Surely, aware of the rapid pace of the world we are living in, with all those full-of-caffeine and super energetic drinks, who dares to need some sleep? The amazing thing, how do you think? At first, you are constantly drinking your fuel, 5 or even 6 cups of coffee, and then, what a surprise “when the time comes” you usually keep your eyes opened as they are working off their fuel, after 6 cups of caffeine, who won’t do that?
The tendency to provide you with energetic stuff and then continue suffering from an inability to fall asleep is commonplace for sure.
There is less need for mentioning the importance of a good night sleep, we are familiar with the way it rebuilds both your body and mind. If you try to keep fit and lose some weight being on the strictest diet ever, but you lack some proper sleep, I’ll disappoint you saying it won’t work to the fullest. Yes, you may have good results but without proper rest and sleep at night, you aren’t able to achieve the best ones, the ones you deserve! That’s why following the diet and spending days and nights at the gym, don’t forget the basic and at the same time critical need for sleep.

The suggested tips are the ones that will help you in your struggle for a better sleep:

1. Forget about caffeine 5 hours before bedtime

And don’t even think about grabbing some coffee or any caffeinated beverages after 5 PM, you do need to say “no” if you want to fall asleep faster than you get used to doing it. Sounds impossible? Don’t panic, it goes about your choice, are you going to continue your existing with coffee addiction and the worst sleep ever, or make sacrifices for the bigger results and much better night hours? Besides, no one said you should stop drinking your favorite coffee, no, no way, you’d better temper with it before 5 PM. If you feel that your consumption of coffee is continuously exceeding the limits for a long time, reconsider your attitude to this tricky drink and do some changes, when it comes to your health, nothing is more important than that.

2. Exercise

Mind that the idea to pump or jog at 9 PM just half an hour or hour before night rest is the bad one for sure. Your night rest suggests some meditation or yoga something that balances and calms your soul and mind. Say “no” to any strong and sharp exercises. This is due to the brain blood pressure which is boosted after exercises that in turn, will worsen your ability to fall asleep. It would be the best if you test out which exercises and time work more effectively for you.

3. Do your best to limit the exposure to monitors (TVs, laptops, phones)

You might be surprised by the way it impacts your night rest, but I do recommend you stop spending hours on Instagram or any other social network just lying in bed, blue screen sends a signal to our mind which isn’t for setting the resting and calming mood, but rather the contrary. Can’t imagine your bedtime routine without your laptop or phone in your hand? This means that’s the high time you tried!

4. Organize your room/bed to sleep

It is easy – if you do not like the color of your walls, paint it. If you do not like your pillow, buy a new one. Home should be your charger – just like a charger for iPhone. It means that if you don’t like something, you need to change it, and we’re not joking. A night rest is a 1/3 of your life – remember it. Get rid of any lights, sounds or other distractions you may have.

5. Think about your stomach; say “no’ to late dinners

Both your soul and body have to rest at night, but how your stomach can do that being full especially when it’s pretty late? The most useful favor you can do yourself is to avoid late dinners. Take care of your stummy, you do want it to function properly, don’t you? Your stomach also wants and needs some good rest after the heavy workloads during the day, save this little buddy a bit. Despite the fact that this advice you’ve definitely heard thousands of times, the sizeable majority of people tend to ignore it. To ensure yourself of eating your dinner at a proper time, mind the gap between your night sleep and the last meal which has to be 3 or 4 hours prior to going to bed, that’s the entire secret.

Trying to make it all workable and effective, mind that you just can’t do all suggested tips at once. Be reasonable, it won’t work that way no matter how desperately you are trying. Take baby steps, start with your caffeine addiction, then move to your regime and exercise routine, and then move on to the next one. Get used to the new habits gradually, and be ready to see the desired results and a new person, the one who does know the real value of a proper night rest what to say about the peaceful and enjoyable moment before bedtime. Don’t even think to give up, when any of these tips won’t suit you, it’s totally okay. You have only to test them and identify which ones are great personally for you, that’s all.

Keep and maintain the habits which are perfect for your body and soul. Your goal is the best quality of your sleep ever, as only after good rest comes everything else. Good luck in your personal searches of the best quality of your sleep and life ever!