Many students state that college – is the best thing happened to them. However, others claim that it was their worst life experience. Why are there so polar thoughts among students? What are the reasons? How to meet desirable education results and spend a good time? This article aims to answer all these questions! We are going to talk about the key secret of each college - types of professors. There are various official college types of professors: a professor emeritus, an associate professor, a full professor, etc. They play a vital role in our studying since we meet them almost every day. However, there is also an unofficial classification of teaching staff that is even much more important than the previous one. Thus, it is so vital to be familiar with the most popular types of professors to be ready for their behavior, habits, kind of thoughts, etc.

Top 5 Most Spread Professor's Types


The first type of professors is so-called "controversy." They do not pay attention to their professor's duties and responsibilities. This kind of professors appreciates free-thinking, freedom, practice knowledge, etc. They do not have any scientific taboos. Also, you may do not worry about your dress-code since your professor does not worry about it either. Usually, they do not wear any suits or elegant shoes. Jeans, sneakers, T-shirts are casual university clothes for such persons. Their behavior, habits is full of protest against classic university lectures, workshops, etc. Somebody argues that it is the main difference between an associate professor and professor because the last one is more flexible and open-minded. Many students like this type of professors and even call them the best one since there is always a chance to have fun and laugh with your professor together. However, the biggest problem is that you cannot be never sure and predict what will happen in the next five minutes. Imagine that you prepare for one type of the exam test, and receive totally another one. Thus, a lot of students often complain because of that.


Many students hate the next type of professors – called "wreck." Usually, they have such academic ranks as professor emeritus, associate professor, or full professor. Their eyes are always red because of sleepless hard-working nights. They prefer dark or grey clothes, academic dress-code, and require wearing the same from their students. Professor's duties and responsibilities are the most significant for them. Forget about jokes and interruptions. Be ready for difficult exam tasks. Try to write down all lectures since it will help you to get your credit.


"Sage" is the name of the next type of professors. Usually, they are very young or ego-persons. It may be as an associate professor and as a full professor. Their lecture aims to show that they are the brightest and the cleverest person in the university or college. Each their lecture is a performance. They do not pay attention to your clothes or questions. Relax and show that you agree with them. Do not remind them about their professor duties and responsibilities if you do not have a test or some seminar. Realize that this type of professors is the unique one in the system of levels of college professors. If you enter their classes, listen to them, and agree with them, you will get your credit without any problems.


Have you ever heard about such type of professors as "flatliner?" It may seem that these people are not alive. They are always quite, slow, and sleepy. Professor's duties and responsibilities do not exist for them. Usually, they are not young persons and have one of the highest levels of college professors - professor emeritus. However, sometimes the age does not matter, it may be as an associate professor as a full professor. Thus, here you do not have the difference between an associate professor and a professor because they belong to one type of professors. It does not matter what kind of clothes you wear, just try to be attentive and write down lecture despite boredom. It will help you on your exam.


The last type of professors is so-called "demagogue." You do not need to have such high academic ranks as professor emeritus, associate professor, or full professor to be a "demagogue." Oratorical skills, ability to interest, and intrigue the audience are demagogue's weapon. Each college or university has at least one "demagogue" to attract students’ attention. Students always like to enter their classes because they are full of mystery, fun, and creativity. Nevertheless, this type of professors always remembers about their professor duties and responsibilities, thereby you will get all necessary writing assignments and tests on time. It is the best type of professors since you can be sure that you will pass your exam after entering classes.

To sum up, be attentive and define the type of professor you have. Thus, it will make your college life better.