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There are countless advantages for the student who chooses to buy college essays from We have been in the business of writing college essays since 1995.  We are the only custom essay writing service that allows our customers hands-on participation at any level they wish.  Our professional writers can take over and write an entire paper, or the customer can insert any requests that he or she wants for customization purposes. If you are in need of college essays help has arrived in the form of the best writer of custom college essay papers online, 

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While many a college essay service will sell plagiarized work to their customers, there is not a chance of that happening at  Our writers are firm believers that writing a good college essay means writing a unique, one-of-a-kind document that any student can feel good about handing in or using as a template to write his or her own essays with.  We write custom college essay papers that go far and beyond those of our competition. When a student chooses to buy a custom essay from, he or she is getting the very best. 

Our custom college essay papers are scanned for plagiarism, using state-of-the-art software that then generates a report that is presented to the customer as a means of assurance that the paper is safe to turn in.  Each essay is thoroughly checked for spelling errors, as well as for grammar errors, by professional editors whose business it is to make sure that quality control meets our high standards.

Most writing services online do not offer the kind of customer support that we offer.  In fact, some do not offer it at all.  At, we have a 24/7 customer support center that never closes, not on weekends, not on holidays, not ever.   Our customer support agents are available via telephone, email or through our convenient live chat interface located right on our website.  While the ordering process is quick and easy, our agents are there to answer any questions or concerns that our customers might have.   They can explain the pricing system, or give advice about what the best choices are.  We have received many compliments from our satisfied customers about what knowledgeable and friendly customer service we offer.

It is our policy to never miss a paper's deadline.  So long as we have at least 6 hours prior notice, we can write any essay on any subject.  Please note, however, that rush orders are more costly than orders that give our researchers and writers plenty of time to complete the project, so it is advised that customers turn in their orders as soon as they can.  Many of our repeat customers visit our website at the beginning of their semesters and place orders for all of the papers that they know will be due during that period of time.  This frees them to study for exams, participate in extracirricuar activities and do all of their required course reading.

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