How to write Classification Essays?

This is generally direct and straightforward and should include the kinds of examined categories on the basis of their features.

The introduction of unanticipated or surprising categories of routine things or such ways can help make the essay interesting and attractive to the reader.

While writing, attention should be paid to writing every important point and avoiding the unnecessary ones.

The rest of the essay, divided into distinct paragraphs, should explain each and every category of thee classification done individually.

The writing should be governed by some specific organisation pattern.

Each section should concentrate on only one group at a time.

Each category should be given same importance and worth and therefore equal amount should be written for each.

The essay should have a consistent flow and should move in the pattern, like from the most significant category to the one having lesser importance or contrawise.

Or the pattern followed could be from big to small groups.

The organisation followed may be anything as the main purpose of this is to just organise what you write and refrain from getting side tracked and losing the sight of the main object or principle of the essay.

Some techniques of writing, like comparing two categories, bringing forward their commonalities or dissimilarities can also be used.

Transition sentences, sentences that facilitate shifting from one thought or category to another may also be used to maintain the flow of the text.

The essay has to end with the conclusion which is summarisation of the stated points.

All the categories, along with their important points must be restated but using different words.

It should be summed up in few powerful sentences providing a final word and viewpoint to the essay and briefing your idea or take on that topic.

Revising or proofreading is very essential to write good essay.

It might be possible that we’ve skipped some important point or few other errors are contained in it.

Revision gives us a good opportunity to check and correct the possible punctuation or spelling mistakes or grammatical mistakes and make the essay one that deserves good grades.

Proofreading is an important element that polishes the text and makes it excellent.

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